Vulnerability Assessments

Identify your organization’s weaknesses and how to fix them.

Cyberattacks often take advantage of unnoticed security weaknesses. Vulnerabilities likely exist on both your internal as well as external networks. Because new vulnerabilities are discovered every day, and the pace of technology change is high, regular vulnerability assessments are a critical step in your effort to protect data.

Vulnerability assessments are designed to help identify network, system, and application layer vulnerabilities. Findings are rated according to severity, taking into account the likelihood of exploitation as well as the potential effect on the organization and its mission-critical processes. Additionally, instead of just identifying a single vulnerability several times, our summary recommendations offer root causes or broader security solutions, if available, to address common vulnerabilities.

Partner with HBS to understand the benefits of a comprehensive vulnerability assessment that can be applied throughout your organization. HBS provides a range of vulnerability assessments that have been designed to support everything from your one-time assessment needs to automated regularly scheduled security scans. All follow the same general process - identify vulnerabilities, prioritize vulnerabilities, and then develop a mitigation plan.

Assessments help to identify new security requirements, justify spending, and improve planning.

Vulnerability Assessment Benefits


Reduce the chances an attacker can breach your data and IT systems.


Identify weaknesses, the overall risk to your organization and prioritize security projects.

Plan of Action

Armed with data and visibility, take meaningful steps to secure your data and network with a mitigation plan.

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