Data Protection

Protect and secure your data wherever it is.

As your organization grows, your data is growing in columns and complexity. Expectations surrounding system uptime and performance are high and you need to ensure your data is safe and protected. HBS provides services to detect, mitigate and remediate threats against your data.

Partner with HBS for data protection solutions that take a holistic approach to systems management and data storage. Control, grow and future proof your data protection with a comprehensive strategy and improved predictability.

Our experienced security professionals design and implement complete security programs and our technical teams provide security remediation solutions. Today, it is not enough to reduce cybersecurity risk with IT products and efforts alone. Compliance demands assessment and governance. We don’t view security products and services as commodities like countless security vendors do. At HBS, our trusted relationships and the security partnerships we have with our clients provide the true value. We make security easy and we right-size security programs for each organization’s needs, risk appetite, and budget.


Backup & Replication

Protect your applications and data on-premises or in the cloud.

Disaster Recovery

Minimize downtime that negatively impacts your business and reputation.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Gain an extra layer of protection with Multi-Factor Authentication.

Malware Protection

Minimize downtime that negatively impacts your business and reputation.


Protect your organization from threats.

Email Security

Protect against advanced threats, including phishing, impersonation, and spam.

Cloud Security

Gain visibility and control over data and threats across Public, Hybrid SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and private cloud environments.

Data Protection Benefits

Reduce Risk

With advanced Data Protection tools, your organization will be better equipped for dealing with threats.

Minimize Breach Impact

Threats will be thwarted at the first sign of detection with a strong, tested defense.


Test your perimeter to protect against future attacks.

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HBS provides complete, local, end-to-end technology solutions for organizations with a large team of engineers and consultants available to assist with any technology need, solve problems and exceed expectations. At every level of the company, we are committed to providing high-quality services to each of our clients.

Consult & Assess

Your organization is unique. Whether your environment is simple, complex or somewhere in between, we’ve helped organizations like yours. We will assess your environment and your needs to provide the best solution.


We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions or a one-size-fits-all approach. Our team of skilled experts is invested in understanding your needs in order to provide innovative and practical customized solutions.

Manage and Support

Our relationship-focused approach means that we care about your organization and your success. We love to talk about and implement the newest technology, but we are equally committed to managing and supporting existing environments.

"From business analysis to steady-state support, HBS was an invaluable strategic partner during our SharePoint implementation and key to the success of our project for our health agency."

Michael A. Yanez, IT Manager

DuPage County Health Department