Green Initiatives

HBS Recycling

Through refurbishment or downstream recycling, HBS is committed to a responsible approach including the proper destruction of both physical equipment and data. 

Hardware recycling is important for many reasons. Not only is it a valued service for our customers, but it is also important from environmental and security viewpoints. Heartland is proud of our recycling program, our partnerships and our ability to share this responsible approach with our customers.

Our partners are R2 certified. Under R2 regulations they are audited regarding how they operate in accordance with employee safety, data destruction, refurbishing of product and downstream or where our product ends up.  We support the goal of our R2 certified partners in providing safe and responsible recycling for non-working or obsolete equipment.

Through our collaboration with just one of our electronics recycling partners, we have properly disposed of 847,000 pounds of electronics over the past 5+ years.

HBS Data Center

The HBS Data Center utilizes air conditioning units with environmentally friendly features.

Glycol and Pumped Refrigerant

The HBS Data Center features a glycol-based AC unit and a Pumped Refrigerant AC unit. 

Glycol’s major advantage is improved resistance to corrosion as well as antifreeze properties. Pumped Refrigerant is the most efficient coolant of the two.  HBS utilizes a cooling system with a pumped refrigerant economization system that meets or exceeds the efficiency of most water and air economization methods.  The use of refrigerant economizers provides significant benefits— there is on average a 5% - 6% reduction in the TDV (Time Dependent Valuation) energy value. It also eliminates the water requirement for these data centers.


Both AC Units take advantage of free-cooling technology.

The Liebert DSE free cooling system reduces both energy and water consumption. It is the first pumped refrigerant economization system for data centers, providing free cooling throughout much of the year in many locations.