2021 Technology Forum | Tuesday, October 12th at Lambeau Field

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Agenda & Sessions

7:30am | Registration
8:00am | Vendor Expo and Continental Breakfast
9:20am | Welcome & Kickoff
9:30am |
Keynote - Innovation is Everybody’s Business - Panel discussion moderated by Robert Tucker, president of The Innovation Resource, and an internationally recognized leader in the field of innovation. 
10:15am | Panel Discussion on Innovation
11:00-11:50am | Breakout Session #1

Managing Organizational Change During a Microsoft 365 Business Transformation Project  -  Attend this session to hear how Twin Disc, a global manufacturing company, led their organization through a coordinated upgrade to Office 365 Business Applications, Multifactor Authentication, Exchange Online, Intune, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams in less than six months. In this session, we will share how Twin Disc embraced Organizational Change Management principles to deliver a worldwide project!


Improving the User Experience with SSO And Elevating Security with a Single Hybrid Cloud Authentication Including MFA  -  In this session, we will share how we consolidate all our users' authentications (including Google) into a single hybrid cloud enabled solution using Azure Active Directory enabled with MFA. Improve the user experience, elevate security, and consolidate logins across both multiple cloud and on-premises systems. Learn about some exciting new features introduced by Microsoft since our last Innovate conference – including new FREE features, passwordless authentication, physical security keys, and Temporary Access Pass.

LEGENDS C   VOIP and Safety Communications  -  IT Administrators have more considerations than ever when designing and maintaining critical Voice infrastructure. Organizations with complex campus grounds are especially difficult to plan for, with the new E911 requirements from Kari's Law and Ray Baum's Act coming into effect. Providing timely, effective, and accurate information to authorities in an emergency is crucial and increasingly relies on proper internal support. We'll review the obligations, best practices, opportunities, and potential solutions to these issues.


Keep Your IoT Devices Safe with a Secure Network Architecture  -   The recent rise in cybercrime and ransomware greatly increases the importance of protecting critical networked assets. Many of these network assets are maintained and installed by teams outside of IT, such as facilities and line of business groups. HBS has been working with manufacturers on proven methodologies to improve security controls for these environments. Join us to learn how we have been discovering and securing these critical infrastructures.

Potential IoT Devices: Badge Readers, Cameras, HVAC, PLCs, POS, Sensors, Shop Floor, etc.


Create a Single Source of Truth with APIs  -  This session will review a case study on leveraging a diverse API set across multiple hardware vendors to gain a single, clear understanding of the hardware footprint to centralize and standardize support management.

12:00-12:50pm | Group Lunch & Vendor Showcase
1:00-1:50pm | Breakout Session #2

Maximizing Your Microsoft 365 Investment  -  Ensure your organization is realizing the benefits of Microsoft 365 around managing your devices, securing your enterprise, and improving productivity and collaboration

LEGENDS A/B   Using Veeam for DR and Ransomware Protection  -  In this session, you'll discover the benefits of several DR, backup, and ransomware protection strategies from Veeam Cloud Connect Backup with insider protection, Veeam Cloud Connect Replication into VMware vCloud, Veeam O365 backup, to custom co-location solutions. With a wide variety of data protection options, you'll learn about the best fit for your business needs.

Moving to Cloud Calling, Are You Ready?  -  In this session, we will engage and interact with a panel of HBS technical experts across our Cisco, Microsoft, and Mitel Cloud Calling solutions. We will discuss the advantages and some of the "gotchas" when migrating your traditional PBX to the cloud. Whether you are in the investigation, planning, deployment, or operational phase of your cloud calling solution, attend this session and get your questions answered by our team.


Working Through the 2021 Semiconductor Supply Shortage  -  You've heard the news by now. There is a global processor supply shortage that is affecting the manufacturing of all products with semiconductors. This includes everything from washing machines to automobiles and the shortage is heavily affecting the technology sector. Join us and learn everything we know about how technology distribution firms are adapting to the shortage.


Solving Cybersecurity Challenges with AI, ML, and Automation  -  Where are you in your digital transformation and Zero Trust Network Security journey? What does Zero Trust really mean? Whether your data, employees or digital assets live, ZTNS needs to be applied at every layer! Human error is one of the top factors in most security breaches, and with the challenges of siloed & disparate security tools in most organizations, the importance of ML, AI & Automation in security is becoming more critical than ever.

We need to break down these silos and help build an "Intelligent Best in Class" security framework that meets you where you are at in this journey and will grow with your business needs and this ever changing Cybersecurity world. Join Palo Alto Networks and understand how we are rising to the challenge of this ever changing Cybercriminal world to help our customers take a holistic approach to ensure automation, intelligence and integration are key parts of your Cyber Security Strategy.

2:00-2:50pm | Breakout Session #3

Disaster Recovery: More Than Meets the Eye  -   How long can your organization sustain a network outage? Have you planned for the possibility of a tornado or fire taking down your data center? What about malware and ransomware, which are the biggest culprits of data center outages? How prepared are you? Join us as we discuss important factors in Disaster Recovery including planning and testing, departmental buy-in, and budgets.


Next Generation Meetings and Video Solutions  -  Organizations are experiencing the integration of digital technology into all areas of their businesses. Teams are now adopting audio and video conferencing and collaboration into their everyday workflow to help recruit talent, increase productivity, and deliver a richer customer experience. In this session, we will review some of the next-generation meeting and video solutions enabling this transformation. Bayland Building will also share their experience and process of implementing next-generation solutions into their organization and the benefits they have seen since implementation.


COVID Relief Funding for Education & Government  -  Join us for a detailed discussion on making the most of your available COVID funding (including CARES Act and ARPA). Secure remote or online learning, telework, and prepare your network for the influx of devices.

LEGENDS D   POWER Efficiency in Your Police Department  -  You'll hear from Police Sgt. Jen Myers (Village of Plainfield, Illinois) on how their police department leverages Microsoft Power Apps.

Microsoft Power Apps is an enterprise low-code / no-code platform built with security and governance at the foundation. You can connect to hundreds of pre-built connectors and drive productivity, whether in the office or the field.

Microsoft Azure: A Cloud Solution to Enhance Compliance, Cost Management, and Leverage Advanced Capabilities  -  The HBS project team will detail their experiences in moving to Azure. Learn how to benefit from the making the move to Azure, what qualifies for an all-cloud strategy and where hybrid needs to remain, how to plan for and execute a successful migration project, and how to estimate costs for the cloud - including the savings realized.

3:00-3:50pm | Breakout Session #4
ATRIUM   Cyber Risk, Insurance, and Handling a Breach  -  The cybersecurity landscape is evolving rapidly, and cyber risk is increasing as threat actors become more sophisticated. In this session, we will review the role cyber insurance plays in mitigating those threats and the challenges of assessing the risk and damage. McClone Insurance (a risk strategist, broker, and claims advocate) will join us to discuss the following areas of interest:
  • What is Cyber Risk?
  • Five areas of Cyber Risk for a business
  • What is Cyber Risk insurance? What are common claims?
  • What do you do if you have been breached?
LEGENDS A/B   Building a Data Management System with Cloud Solutions  -  When it comes to pulling all your data together to help the business make data-driven decisions, you must decide - does the system live on premise or in the cloud? When looking at the cloud, there are a lot of technologies to choose from. HBS leverages Microsoft Azure solutions to build a centralized Data Management System. This system is designed to support the collection, ingestion, storage, and management of your data. It is built to support the ability to leverage any tool of choice for delivering the data to your end-users. HBS will review the technologies and their capabilities to bring the data together to provide a holistic management solution.
LEGENDS C   How Software-Defined Access Helps Businesses Secure and Automate Their Networks  -  In this session, we will cover the features and benefits of a Software-Defined Access solution. SD-Access combines security segmentation and network management and defines a uniform policy-based wired and wireless network fabric that meets business needs with security, automation, and assurance. We will share a few projects our team has implemented and how it has resulted in a consistent, flexible, and highly secure network upgrade.

Improving IT Operational Maturity Through Co-Managed IT Solutions  -  In this session, we discuss IT support best practices and how HBS's tools and support team can improve IT support for your organization. Topics include Ticketing Systems, Monitoring and Remote Support tools, Documentation Platforms, and Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

4:00-4:50pm | Breakout Session #5
ATRIUM   Strategic & Sustainable Technology Plan / Road Map  -  Get the most out of your IT budget while aligning technology to your organizational initiatives and long-term goals. HBS has been a trusted advisor to customers for decades, delivering high-value IT assessments and architectures that are uniquely customized to the needs of each individual organization. Our highly skilled team of consultants and engineers work collaboratively with business leaders in their respective markets to ensure their organization realizes the value of their technology investments and provides future recommendations on modernizations directly connected to organizational outcomes.
LEGENDS A/B   Physical Security for the Hybrid Workplace  -  As employees return to the workplace, a new physical security challenge is emerging: a hybrid workforce. Your security focus must now be split between your physical locations and the many mobile locations and networks your employees utilize. Now is the perfect time to review and assess your policies and procedures to ensure you are considering real-time threats and your personnel, facilities, critical data, and confidential information is protected.
LEGENDS C   How to Effectively Manage Your Documents in the Workplace  -  Have you ever considered converting paper records to electronic files, but it seems too daunting and you don’t know where to start? Join us as we discuss a process that can capture, track and store electronic documents such as PDFs and word processing files as digital images of your paper-based content. We will explain where customers start this process, how it looks as a finished product and how electronic documents improve your day-to-day operations.
LEGENDS D   BI Strategy Breakdown for Analytics  -  Building out your data environment to support the development of business intelligence within your organization can be very overwhelming. Where and how do you begin? How do you know you are implementing a strategy correctly? What parts of your strategy need to be prioritized to gain the most value? HBS will walk you through a BI strategy approach that will help to break down the key components of a successful strategy. This will include focus on the development of Analytics and how they can be used, the ROI you will receive by implementing BI, and how to gain efficiency as an individual, within departments, and across your organization when leveraging data.

5:00pm | Happy Hour & Networking
6:30pm | Sports Themed VIP Reception - Featuring Stadium Tours, Packers Hall of Fame, complimentary Photo Booth featuring Lambeau Field as the backdrop, Pop-a-Shot Contest, alumni appearances! (autographs & photo opportunities available to all guests)
Learning sessions will have attendance limits in accordance with room capacity. Please be aware that registration for a specific session does not guarantee your spot. Admission to learning sessions will be on a first come, first served basis until room capacity is met. Alternatively, attendees may join the sessions in the Lambeau Field Atrium or are encouraged to visit the Vendor Showcase on the 4th floor.


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Innovate.HBS 2021 Venue:
Lambeau Field

Everyone who enters the gates of Lambeau Field shares an overwhelming experience of history and pride. As a premier Wisconsin landmark, Lambeau Field was chosen by HBS as the ideal place to host Innovate.HBS 2021.

Innovate.HBS 2021 Keynote:
Innovation is Everybody's Business

Keynote followed by a panel discussion moderated by Robert Tucker, president of The Innovation Resource, and an internationally recognized leader in the field of innovation. 

Robert Tucker Bio



The first 100 Innovate.HBS attendees will receive a copy of keynote speaker, Robert Tucker's book: "Innovation is Everybody's Business."


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Please park in the Northeast parking lot (Lot 3) and enter through the American Family Insurance Gate, off of Lombardi Avenue.
See map: Lambeau-Field-Parking-Map.pdf




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