I feel like a tornado came through a junk yard and we ended up with a Lamborghini!

Michael Frohna, President

The way the meeting was run – to the point, clear direction, everyone answered, …guided well – absolutely delights my heart! I know that may seem strange to mention, but…I get really bogged down by not well run meetings, so…

Nadine Douds, Application Developer
Use SmartConnect to map Microsoft Dynamics GP attachments to CRM notes

A customer recently asked us to transfer files attached to SOP records from GP to CRM sales orders. For this customer, these files are typically PDFs or Word documents.

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by Maureen Franz

Kentico 10 - Your Perfect Partner!

We are happy to announce that Kentico has just released Kentico 10, and we cannot wait to show you how we can work together to take your digital business goals even further.

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by Aaron Swaagman

Are Individual Technology Certifications Worth It?

The technology world is full of them. Certifications are everywhere! A literal alphabet soup of certifications exist and those that offer them are pushing hard for your attention.

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by Paul Olmsted

Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation

Project Service Automation (PSA) is an add-on solution to Dynamics 365 and was first available with CRM 2016 Update 1 Online. Project Service is designed to manage...

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by Theresa Reitz

How to Improve your Website in 2 Easy Steps

The effectiveness of a website as a communications channel can be difficult to measure, but here are a few simple steps to improve a website by helping visitors find the information they need.

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by Sally Schmidt

Ship To Address Name Changes for Microsoft Dynamics GP

While each new release of MIcrosoft Dynamics GP features enhancements and additions, there are a good number of minor improvements that may go unnoticed.

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by Al Schuette

Using FetchXML in Web API Queries via JavaScript for Dynamics 365

Learn how to use FetchXML in Web API Queries via JavaScript for Dynamics 365. To get started with querying the Web API via FetchXML you are going to need some FetchXML.

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by Tyler Hoffmann

When in Doubt, Validation is the Key

Within the last few years, network security has gotten stronger, so it is a lot harder to be successful just being a network penetration tester.

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by Larry Boettger