Lessons Learned from a SmartConnect Upgrade

Understand the proper SmartConnect upgrade steps to avoid unnecessary issues and additional effort.

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by Maureen Franz

Now is the time to prepare & combat ransomware & other cybercrime.

One of the fastest growing type of cybercrime is ransomware. According to a U.S. government interagency report, an average of more than 4,000 ransomware attacks...

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by Mark Ziesemer

Ever Change Your A/R Aging?

For most companies, A/R aging buckets were discussed and setup during the initial implementation and are never revisited.

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by Al Schuette

Phoenix Care Success Story

With help from Heartland Business Systems, Phoenix Care now has a centralized data center, VPN, and SharePoint for each of its more than 200 PCS facilities.

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by Heartland Business Systems