A big part of our growth can be attributed to HBS' unified voice solution. While the investment has been higher than originally expected, the costs involved are much lower than the savings we've achieved.

Mark Vander Sanden, Executive Vice President and CIO
Submitting Components to Kentico Marketplace

Kentico has had a Marketplace for a long time, longer than I've been working with Kentico. The Marketplace has been a place to share useful tools and components with the world.

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Power BI Viewer Role Released

Understand the power of the Power BI Viewer role.

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Heartland Business Systems opens new office in Omaha, Nebraska

Heartland Business Systems opens new office in Omaha, Nebraska, expanding service offerings into a new Midwestern state.

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by HBS

Succession Plan for SharePoint 2010 Retirement

With the retirement of SharePoint 2010, Kelly speaks on the key points to consider when choosing between SharePoint 2019 Standard and SharePoint Online / Office 365.

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Heartland has taught me the value of gaining practical experience, how important building connections are, and allows me to grow on a professional level.

Kentico 12 Service Pack Preview

Kentico MVP explains his thoughts and the new features of Kentico 12.

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First Month as a Software Developer Intern at HBS

My name is Derek Poggemann, a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse, and I am studying Business Information Systems. With my first internship, I had the expectation of working with code.

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Dependency Injection in Kentico

If you have been in development long enough you have likely heard of Dependency Injection and also are familiar with some of the beneficial side effects like testability...

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Creating a Simple Model Driven Application

Learn important terminology in Microsoft Powerapps, and follow the step by step guide to creating your first Model Driven Application!

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