Leverage Power BI to Analyze Microsoft 365 Usage

Leverage Power BI to analyze Microsoft 365 adoption within your organization.

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Create your own Global Events with Kentico

Part of what makes any CMS worth its salt is the ability to extend its functionality. Kentico has done this through Global Event hooks...

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Dynamic Routing with Kentico MVC Service Pack v3 Launched!

We were all disappointed when Kentico 12 didn't have Dynamic Routing built in, and I can't stand seeing our Kentico developers cry, so I set out to figure out this whole Dynamic Routing thing.

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Agile Concepts for a non-Agile Project

I had a large project that had a one-year development timeline. During the testing phase, the client identified a mix of bugs and enhancements they wanted completed.

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The way the meeting was run – to the point, clear direction, everyone answered, …guided well – absolutely delights my heart! I know that may seem strange to mention, but…I get really bogged down by not well run meetings, so…

Nadine Douds, Application Developer
How to Cache in Kentico 12 MVC

Learn how to improve website performance through caching.

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New and Updated Modern SharePoint Web Parts

Read about some brand new web parts that have rolled out recently, as well as some added features to existing web parts.

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Maximizing Your Investment in Dynamics GP

If you are a current Dynamics GP user, learn how you can maximize your investment in this ERP system.

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Script Errors in Dynamics 365 Portals App

Learn how to adjust Google Chrome settings to prevent Dynamics 365 Apps scripts from being blocked.

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My problem was easily solved, Jeffery had a great sense of humor

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