Unlocking the Networking Revolution: Arista’s Game-Changing Solutions with HBS

Arista and HBS

Networking has become the backbone of every organization's operations. The demand for robust, reliable, and efficient networking solutions has never been greater. In our recent webinar, "Shaping the Future of Networking with HBS and Arista," Andy Whitaker, Technical Architect – Networking, delved into the challenges businesses face today and how Arista's networking solutions lead the charge toward a more reliable and streamlined future. 

Pain Points in Networking 
Before we explore what sets Arista apart, let's first address some common pain points that many organizations face in the networking landscape: 

One of the significant challenges is dealing with a multitude of operating systems across various network components. Different operating systems mean different bugs, configurations, and a considerable increase in complexity. 

The intricacies of licensing can often become a headache for network administrators, leading to confusion and inefficiencies. 

Software Quality and Bugs 
Bugs, especially those that impact security and operations, have become a prevalent concern. The fear of software updates due to potential issues has made many organizations reluctant to stay up to date. 

Frustrating Vendor Support 
Subpar vendor support experiences can lead to extended downtimes and lost opportunities for businesses. 

Proprietary "Lock-In" Solutions 
Being tied to proprietary solutions limits flexibility and can hinder innovation. 

High Mean Time to Innocence (MTTI) 
Quickly identifying the source of network issues is essential. Delays in identifying and resolving problems result in operational and opportunity costs. 

Arista's Unique Differentiators 
In our webinar, we highlighted what makes Arista stand out as a leader in the networking industry: 

Exceptional Support
Arista boasts a remarkable Net Promoter Score (NPS) of over 80 in 2022, setting an industry standard. Customers connect directly with Tier 3 technical engineers, ensuring swift and effective issue resolution when they reach out for support. On average, it takes a mere 19 seconds to speak with a Tier 3 engineer.  

Network Speed Leadership
Arista has solidified its position as the number one switch vendor for 100G and faster port speeds, including 200G and 400G (Crehan). 

Consistent Leadership
Arista has consistently been a leader in the Magic Quadrant for the past six years, a testament to its unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. 

Revolutionary Architecture
The most significant differentiator is Arista's groundbreaking architecture. While the industry norm often involves complex "spaghetti code" for communication between processes, Arista's approach relies on a highly optimized state database. All processes read and write to this database, ensuring efficiency and resilience. 

Familiar Command-Line Interface
Arista ensures familiarity by offering a command-line interface that aligns with industry standards, making transitions and operations smoother for network administrators. 

Unmatched Software Quality
Arista has set a distinguished standard with their commitment to software quality. Software must pass rigorous tests for six months before reaching general availability, resulting in far fewer security and operational bugs than competitors. 

 As Ken Duda, CTO/SVP of Software at Arista Networks, emphasizes,
"Quality is THE most important attribute of our products. Not one of the most important, it's THE most important." 

Why HBS Partners with Arista
HBS has chosen to partner with Arista for several compelling reasons: 

Quality and Simplicity
Arista's single operating system across all platforms, streamlined licensing, and the power of CloudVision result in exceptional software quality. 

Excellent Customer Support
Direct access to Tier 3 Arista engineers, global support, and hassle-free licensing provide superior customer support experience. 

Industry Standards-Based Solutions
Arista's commitment to interoperability and avoiding proprietary lock-ins aligns perfectly with industry standards. 

Open, Automation, and Programmability
Arista's solutions are designed to work seamlessly with various controllers and integrate with leading vendors like NSX, PAN, CheckPoint, Fortinet, ServiceNow, and more. The CloudVision platform provides a central management point, and integration with automation tools is effortless. 

Arista CloudVision: A Game-Changer
During our webinar, we showcased Arista's CloudVision, a pivotal tool in shaping the future of networking. CloudVision offers a single-pane-of-glass visibility into your network, featuring time-series data, a data platform, an analytics engine, automated workflows, a network API gateway, and more. 

Key highlights of CloudVision include: 

  • Real-time Streaming: All data, including interface counters, MAC tables, ACL counters, system logs, and more, is streamed across the wire in real time, providing instant insights into network performance.
  • Flexibility: CloudVision can be hosted on-premises or utilized in the cloud (SaaS), ensuring you're never locked out of your switch. 
  • Centralized Management: Manage configurations across all your environments, view traffic flows, and access network state information at different times with millisecond-interval data streaming.

Ready to Shape Your Networking Future?

If you're ready to experience the future of networking, it's time to connect with HBS. Our experts are here to help you explore innovative solutions and how they can transform your network infrastructure. Whether you're looking for unmatched support, streamlined operations, or a more reliable network, Heartland Business Systems has the answers. 

Contact us today and start shaping your networking future with HBS. Together, we can create a network that's robust, efficient, and ready for the challenges of tomorrow. Your network's transformation begins with a simple click or call. Let's embark on this journey together!

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