Dynamics Upgrade Information and Innovations

As businesses evolve, so does the need for robust, scalable ERP solutions. Microsoft Dynamics 365, a leader in this arena, continues to impress with its recent upgrades and features. In a recent webinar, HBS highlighted these advancements, particularly in Dynamics GP and Business Central.

Watch Future-Proof Your Business for an in-depth look into the updates and new features in the latest Dynamics GP and Dynamics Business Central upgrades in 2024.

Dynamics GP Updates and New Features

Dynamics GP, a long-trusted ERP solution, remains a focus of Microsoft, with support continuing through 2028 and beyond. Key highlights include:

Biannual Updates:

  • Dynamics GP will see update releases two times a year, incorporating security patches, fixes, and tax updates. Staying current is recommended for optimal performance and security. These releases typically are shared in October for security, fixes, and new features, and in December the focus is on compliance (e.g., payroll taxes).

New Features in Dynamics GP:

  • Recent updates have introduced several user-centric features like the financial summary inquiry redisplay window, reverse fiscal year-end close by company, enhancements in customer statements, and the ability to email and reprint vendor remittances. Reach out to your ERP Consultant for a full list of new features and functionality.

Year-End Support and Upgrades:

Dynamics Business Central: A Leap into the Future

Business Central, an integral part of the Dynamics 365 product suite, continues to see transformative changes:
  • User Experience Enhancements: The action bar and navigation windows have been redesigned for better user experience.
  • Analysis Mode: This feature allows for advanced data manipulation within Business Central, akin to pivot tables in Excel.
  • Intercompany Transaction Flow: Improvements in handling transactions across multiple environments are underway, offering a more integrated approach.
  • Banking and Finance Upgrades: Expect enhancements in bank reconciliations and multiple posting groups for payables and receivables.
  • Security and Connectivity: With increasing integration with Power Automate and Dataverse, Business Central is set to offer more streamlined and secure data handling.
  • Microsoft Copilot Integration in Business Central: A standout feature coming in 2024, where AI will assist in bank reconciliation, marketing content creation, and much more.

Should I Upgrade from Dynamics GP to Dynamics Business Central?

You may be considering transitioning from Dynamics GP to Business Central. Like Microsoft, HBS remains committed to supporting Dynamics GP but offers guidance and support for a shift to Business Central, including assessments, demonstrations, migration and implementation, and change management.

Bridge to the Cloud Promotion for Dynamics GP customers:

This Microsoft initiative allows Dynamics GP customers to obtain Business Central licenses at a discounted rate (40%), easing the transition to a cloud-based solution.

Dynamics 365 - An Evolving Ecosystem

The continuous development in Dynamics 365, especially in Dynamics GP and Business Central, is a testament to Microsoft’s commitment to providing versatile, efficient, and future-proof ERP solutions. Whether maintaining and upgrading Dynamics GP or transitioning to Business Central, businesses are equipped with tools to navigate the complexities of modern commerce efficiently. HBS is a vital partner in this journey, offering expertise and support every step of the way. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your current ERP system, and we can explore the best possible solution together.
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