How Hardware Managed Services Can Boost Your Business

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Let’s talk about killing two birds with one stone. 

Imagine if you could eliminate the capital expense of purchasing your IT hardware—desktops, laptops, access points, switches, firewalls—in favor of a predictable operating fee, and take a significant bite out of your organization’s technical debt by having current and secure hardware that is fully managed by a team of experts. 

That’s a win-win. And that’s the solution a Hardware Managed Services partner can provide any organization. 

What Is HaaS? 

Like its more well-known cousin, Software as a Service (SaaS), Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is a procurement model that allows organizations to license (or lease) technology hardware from a managed service provider (MSP).  

From laptops to servers—and all the hardware in between—HaaS providers lease out necessary equipment, ensuring your tech isn’t outdated and works properly, allowing your staff to be efficient and productive.

The MSP owns the equipment, maintaining, updating, and replacing when necessary while you simply use the equipment without worrying about things going outdated or massive replacement costs. 

The Risks 

Roughly one-out-of-every-four employees thinks their company’s hardware hurts their productivity. When team members are frustrated with a slow or inefficient piece of hardware, complaints start filling the IT team’s inbox, causing them to deal with those constant complaints. Staff morale starts dropping and efficiency plummets. 

Sadly, it is probably worse than that. Due to old technology, U.S. businesses lose more than $1.8 billion each year in wasted productivity. On average, the average worker spends three hours dealing with tech issues. That leads to an annual waste of over $4,000 per employee. 

Many times, servers can’t handle the number of devices on a network, and desktops and laptops struggle to support new software, and the risk of bad actors infiltrating outdated hardware grows by the day. 
Here are some of the more common technology hardware issues employees deal with every day: 

  • Sluggish Performance: Every click, scroll and keystroke becomes an exercise in patience. This disrupts workflow and kills productivity.
  • Compatibility Issues: Outdated hardware may not support the latest software updates or security patches, leaving your business vulnerable.
  • Frequent Crashes and Data Loss: Older machines are prone to overheating, system crashes, and data loss. This can lead to costly downtime and lost work. And really frustrated employees.
  • Security Risks: Unpatched systems with outdated operating systems are prime targets for hackers. A data breach can be devastating for a business.
  • Hidden Costs: Not only can the upfront cost of a new machine be high, but also consider the hidden costs of repairs, troubleshooting, and lost productivity due to slow performance. 

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The Benefits of Hardware Managed Services 

Cutting Costs, Not Corners 

HaaS transitions your IT spending from a hefty upfront investment to manageable, predictable operating expenses. You can reallocate funds to propel your business forward, not just keep it running. And don’t forget the non-financial benefits of diminishing employee frustrations, saving your IT team’s time, and keeping your systems secure. 

Staying Ahead 

A hardware managed service will allow you to have the latest hardware, keeping your team efficient and your operations smooth. 

Maintenance, Managed 

The time, money, and effort lost to maintaining an old piece of hardware are gone. HaaS providers don’t just hand over the hardware and call it a day; they make sure it stays up and running with updates, repairs, and replacements, letting you focus on what you do best. 

Scalable and Flexible 

When your business grows, so do your IT hardware needs. Hardware managed services provide the scalability you need when you need it. 

Are Hardware Managed Services Right for You? 

HaaS offers a compelling case for organizations looking to stay technologically competitive without the traditional upfront expense or hassle. By providing scalable, cost-effective solutions to hardware management, IT hardware managed services will help you focus on driving your business forward. 

If you’re eager to revolutionize your IT hardware management, contact HBS to learn more about how our HaaS solution can keep you ahead of the curve. Let’s make IT work FOR YOU, and not the other way around.