Who Should Manage the Firewall?

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Cybercrime is rampant. Bad actors are constantly looking for ways to infiltrate your system, looking for anything and everything to gain access to your organization’s data. 

The first line of defense is your firewall. It is absolutely necessary to have a firewall—for it to be working—and for it to be working well. 

Nobody will dispute any of the above statements. 95% of companies have a firewall; we’ll assume yours is one of them. These facts lead to some questions: 

  • But who should manage your firewall? 
  • How do you manage a firewall? 
  • Can firewalls be managed remotely? 

Firewalls require 24x7 support from experts, and many organizational IT teams are busy ‘keeping the lights on’ or putting out fires; day-to-day tasks that need to be taken care of, pushing firewall monitoring and maintenance further down the organizational priority list. 

Additionally, it’s very easy to believe that just having a firewall is enough, but as so often seen, many firewalls aren’t set up correctly to begin with, and maintenance hasn’t been done properly to make a firewall an effective firewall. 

Managed firewall services can be the answer.  

What are Firewall Management Services? 

A managed firewall service is a network security solution that helps protect data from malicious attacks. It's an outsourced service that provides firewall configuration, administration, monitoring, report generation, support, and sometimes on-site installation.  

What are the key features of a managed firewall? 

  • Enhanced Security: Managed firewall services bolster your network's defenses with advanced threat detection and real-time response, ensuring robust protection against evolving cyber threats. 
  • Constant Monitoring: 24/7 monitoring and support, ensuring your network is always under vigilant watch. 
  • Proactive Management: Technology is not “set and forget." Managed firewall services ensure ongoing maintenance, rule setting, and updates, managed by experts rather than unqualified personnel. 

Benefits of Moving to a Managed Firewall 

Transitioning to a managed firewall service gives you many benefits that not only enhance your cybersecurity defense but also contribute to your overall business efficiency. 

  • Business Focus: By outsourcing firewall management, organizations can concentrate on their core business goals, leaving the intricacies of network security to the experts. 
  • Cost-Effectiveness: With a managed firewall, you can get premium security services at a fraction of the cost of in-house management. The labor cost savings of allowing your IT team to focus on your own unique business goals is substantial.  
  • Customization: Every company is different, and each one has different challenges when it comes to their network security. Engaging a managed firewall partner moves your organization along the security journey from simple software to a tailored firewall solution. 

The HBS Managed Firewall Difference 

HBS is a trusted IT partner to thousands—and with our Managed Firewall offering, we can significantly strengthen your defense against attackers. 

What sets HBS apart: 

  • Managed One: HBS specializes in streamlining your IT solutions to free your time, resources, and attention to focus on your organizational goals. Managed Firewall is one of several managed services in our Managed One offering. 
  • An Expert U.S.-Based Team: A team that understands your unique environment and is dedicated to your network security. With a footprint across the country, we provide a local and quick response.  
  • Tailored Solutions: Recognizing that one size doesn't fit all, we offer tiered support unique to your business needs. 
  • HaaS and SaaS Options: If required, HBS can provide both the firewall hardware and software, install both, and administer ongoing maintenance. 
  • Strong Partnerships and Engineering Expertise: HBS partners with industry leaders in firewall technologies like Palo Alto, Fortinet, Sophos, and many others, ensuring your firewall solution is backed up by the best resources on the planet. 

Managed Firewall: The Right Choice for a More Secure Business 

Opting for managed firewall services offers organizations a dynamic defense mechanism against digital threats. These services not only enhance network security but also adapt to new challenges, providing businesses with the peace of mind to focus on growth and innovation in a secure digital space. 

HBS's Managed Firewall services, part of our Managed One offering, ensure that your organization's network security is not a cause for concern but a stronghold against digital threats. With our specialized expertise, comprehensive coverage, and tailored approach, we empower your business to thrive, securely and efficiently 

HBS Managed Firewall 

Reach out to HBS today to explore how our Managed Firewall services can fortify your digital defenses and contribute to your business's success. 

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