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OrthoNebraska needed a dedicated engineer to address their phone system concerns, and a team of experts to reach out to when issues occurred.

Company: OrthoNebraska
Industry: Medical
Employees: 400
Established: 2017
HBS Service: Managed Collaboration 

OrthoNebraska, a premier orthopedic specialty health system, serves patients all across southwest Iowa and southeast Nebraska. With patient numbers growing, the team found themselves struggling to keep up with the persistent issues revolving around their Cisco phone system. They found themselves in a constant state of maintenance.


Heartland was able to implement the use of its CollabGuard team, a group of managed collaboration experts. With this team of certified engineers, HBS was able to dedicate time to resolving OrthoNebraska's phone system troubles, and allow them to work at their highest licensure in other areas. This solution was able to save the OrthoNebraska team time that would normally be spent troubleshooting. With the help of CollabGuard, their team can now focus on providing an exceptional therapeutic experience for all the patients utilizing their facilities.

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Nate Freidhoff

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