Cracking the Code: Inside Strategies for Ransomware Containment and Response

Cracking the Code Webinar Graphic

Date: Friday, May 24th

Even with the most robust security solutions, ransomware is still a global threat to every organization as cybercriminals are successfully outsmarting prevention-based security tools. Join us as we discuss a better way to protect your data and critical IT infrastructure by implementing a ransomware containment solution with BullWall.

During this webinar, join HBS and BullWall cybersecurity experts as they shed some light on the ransomware problem and explore the following:

  • How EDRs and other preventive measures are not designed to stop ransomware.
  • How organizations can adopt a multi-layered approach that includes detection, prevention, response, and recovery.
  • How a ransomware containment tool responds to 3 live ransomware attacks.
Steve Hahn Bullwall

Steve Hahn - EVP Americas

Steve Hahn is BullWall’s Executive VP of Sales with over 5 years in cybersecurity and an additional 10 years in IT services. During his career, he worked with many customers, ranging from niche organizations to Fortune 500 software/hardware companies like Symantec, IBM, Dell, HP, CA, and BMC. In 2022, Steve joined the BullWall mission to provide companies with a reliable and innovative solution to contain ransomware attacks.

Don McCraw Bullwall

Don McCraw - Director of Engineering, Americas

Don McCraw, the Director of Sales Engineering for BullWall, lives in Houston, Texas, and has 25+ years of experience as an Information Technology Professional. He previously worked as an Engineer in the U.S. Air Force Intelligence and CheckPoint, among other technology companies, Hewlett Packard, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and DXC. As an accomplished technical expert with experience in developing multi-layer security infrastructures, he manages and leads the U.S. technical team as BullWall experiences rapid growth in the North American market.