Cybersecurity in 60: Inside 2023’s Largest Ransomware Attack on a Midwest School District

Date: Thursday, December 14

In the wake of 2023’s largest ransomware attack on a Midwest school district, we invite you to join us for a crucial and insightful webinar featuring the Director of Technology at Des Moines Public Schools, Lisa Irey, and HBS Senior Information Security Consultant, Jeff Franklin. This discussion will shed light not only on the technical details of a cyber attack but also on the human dynamics that played a pivotal role in managing this crisis.

In this webinar, Lisa will share insights on:

  • Navigating the step-by-step challenges of dealing with such a significant cyber incident.
  • Working with district administrators, cyber insurance, and incident response teams.
  • Understanding the emotional impacts of an event that sent shockwaves through the nation and the threat intelligence community.

We invite you to join this important discussion to enhance your awareness of the human side of cybersecurity and explore ways to strengthen your defenses against digital threats.

Lisa Irey, a visionary IT leader, believes in technology's crucial role in modern education and operational excellence. Moving from the private sector to education, Irey, a teacher of business and computer science, established the Microsoft IT Academy at West Des Moines Schools.

With a Master's in Organizational Leadership, they now lead a major IT operation as the Director of Technology for Des Moines Public Schools, and led the district through a major cyber-attack and the recovery and restoration that follows.

As the first openly trans leader in the district, Irey advocates for LGBTQ+ rights, inspiring and empowering the community. A OneIowa 2022 Leadership Institute graduate, Irey is a dedicated leader in education.

Jeff Franklin currently serves as a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) and Senior Information Security Consultant for Heartland Business Systems. In this capacity, Jeff assists clients with creating comprehensive information security programs to reduce their cyber risk and meet compliance requirements.

Jeff previously served as Chief Cybersecurity Officer for the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office, where he led cybersecurity initiatives for elections statewide. Prior to that role, Franklin served 10 years as the State of Iowa’s Chief Information Security Officer. During his government career, Franklin led the initiative on behalf of the Governor’s Office to create and implement the State of Iowa’s formal cybersecurity strategy, including the creation of the state’s cybersecurity emergency response plan and a cybersecurity operations center.

Franklin received an M.S. in Management Information Systems from Iowa State University and a B.A. in Business Administration and Management from the University of Northern Iowa. Jeff is a former president of InfraGard and Multi-State Information Security and Analysis Executive Committee Member.

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Carly Westpfahl