Network Connectivity in a Cloud Based World

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Gear up for success in the tech world with our webinar, "Network Connectivity in a Cloud-Based World." Dive into key topics shaping modern networking for your future IT career. Explore challenges and opportunities in remote work, Zero-Trust principles, SD-WAN evolution, robust network infrastructure, and seamless cloud integration. Don't miss this insightful session designed to empower college students in mastering digital connectivity complexities.

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Matt Cross

Matt Cross: Director of Engineering - Enterprise

Matt has a BA in IT Network administration. With over 10 years of professional experience in Information Technology consulting, Matt has worked with clients in a broad range of industry, including the SMB, SLED, manufacturing, and healthcare. Matt’s technology focuses includes networking, security, and advanced WAN deployments. Matt has been with Heartland Business Systems for 7 years and graduated from Western Governors University.

Tyler Elwood

Tyler Elwood: Engineering Services Manager - SMB

Tyler is an Engineering Services Manager with experience managing various IT systems that are utilized in small to medium businesses. He specializes in Cisco and HP networking solutions as well as Palo Alto security. Tyler has worked with clients on designing, developing and implementing cost-effective network solutions. Tyler can also leverage current and cutting-edge technologies to solve business and infrastructure issues, while reducing departmental costs and organizational risk. Tyler has been with Heartland Business Systems for 6 years and is an Information Communication Technology graduate from University of Wisconsin Stout.

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