Security in 60: Revolutionizing Surveillance: Unveiling Cutting-Edge Security Strategies Across Industries

Revolutionizing Surveillance: Unveiling Cutting-Edge Security Strategies Across Industries Webinar Graphic

Date: Thursday, March 28

Join us for a compelling webinar spotlighting three organizations' journeys in overcoming complex security challenges.

Allstate Peterbilt, grappling with theft and violence, implemented innovative solutions following a critical incident. Discover how they leveraged advanced camera technology to not only mitigate risks but also collaborate seamlessly with law enforcement, turning challenges into opportunities for enhanced security and peace of mind. 

Fast Global, spanning multiple locations, encountered various operational hurdles exacerbated by a lack of surveillance infrastructure. Explore how they transformed their security landscape by deploying comprehensive camera systems and innovative door access solutions, effectively addressing incidents and enhancing operational efficiency across their facilities.

The City of St. Cloud, a bustling urban hub, faced the daunting task of modernizing its surveillance capabilities to uphold public safety effectively. Dive into their journey as they navigated through outdated systems, ultimately partnering with leading vendors to implement scalable and user-friendly solutions, enabling proactive monitoring and swift responses to emerging threats.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain invaluable insights from these organizations as they share their real-world experiences in overcoming security challenges. Join us and discover actionable strategies that you can implement to enhance security and resilience within your own organization or municipality.

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Ryan Wuotila

Ryan Wuotila is currently the Director of IT Operations at Allstate Peterbilt Group.

He has worked in IT Management in the trucking industry for 19 years, with various IT roles in the7 years prior to that. Throughout his tenure at Allstate Peterbilt Group, Ryan has been focused on aligning technology with organization objectives, while keeping security and infrastructure stability at the forefront.

Todd Gregoire is the Director of Technology at Fast Global Solutions.

Todd is responsible for all aspects of Technology Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, & delivery of a robust Applications portfolio. Fast Global Solutions is a leader in the airline, air cargo and material handling equipment industry based in Glenwood, Mn & SE Nebraska. Todd has been in his position for one year after serving in a variety of technical roles with Heartland Ag Systems & Cargill throughout his thirty-four years in IT.

Micah Myers

Micah Myers is the Director of IT Services for the City of St. Cloud, MN. 

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