October 14-16, 2024
Baird Center - Milwaukee, WI

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Innovate.HBS: Shaping the Future of IT

At Innovate.HBS, you'll join a dynamic community of IT enthusiasts, leaders, and visionaries from all over the Midwest. The conference is designed to spark your imagination, enrich your knowledge, and inspire collaboration in the field of information technology and cybersecurity.

You'll discover the latest developments, technologies, and strategies that are transforming the IT landscape. The conference offers a variety of sessions, including keynote talks, panel debates, and interactive workshops, all led by distinguished experts in the field.

Whether you're an IT pro or a newbie, Innovate.HBS has something for everyone. Join us and be part of the conversations shaping the future of technology. 2024 Venue

Dates: October 14-16, 2024

Venue: Baird Center - Milwaukee, WI

Baird Center - Milwaukee

Registration Opening Soon



Meet with peers, HBS engineers, executives, and partners to discuss your unique technical or business-related questions and challenges.


Level up your technical knowledge and discover solutions and services from HBS to help you grow your success.


Connect with technology experts, engage in sessions, and learn about the newest innovations in the industry.

Have Fun

We have a specific goal to NOT “PowerPoint you to death.” So come and join us for some real talk and real fun.

Tuesday, October 15th
Technology Forum Agenda

7:30 - 9:00 AM

Registration & Breakfast

9:15 - 9:30 AM

Kickoff & Welcome

9:30 - 10:15 AM

Shawn Kanungo Headshot

KEYNOTE - Shawn Kanungo
Disruption Strategist, Bestselling Author, Former Innovation Expert for Deloitte
The Age of Infinity - Generative AI & Our Future
We are on the brink of a revolution based on the meteoric rise of Generative AI, most notably ChatGPT. These exponential technologies are transforming the way we communicate, collaborate, and create, revolutionizing industries around the world. However, when everyone has an AI co-pilot, who will stand out? Shawn Kanungo argues that we need more freaks — leaders that are both unique and bold.

With the rise of Generative AI, cloud technologies, and remote talent, we’re entering into an age of infinite leverage where our work can be replicated at no cost, and we don’t need permission to get started. As a result, we can build exponential organizations — a new breed of businesses that can be more nimble, flexible, and highly leveraged.

In this provocative and counter-intuitive keynote, Kanungo dives deep into the age of artificial intelligence and infinite leverage. He explores why this will shape the future, and how it will impact culture, business, technology, and individuals. Ultimately, the future will favor the freaks.

10:30 - 11:15 AM


Solving Problems by Leveraging AI
Presenters: Josh Marek, HBS | Uday Sidhu, HBS | Joe Baldwin, HBS
Discover how Microsoft Cloud can radically accelerate your organization’s productivity with built-in AI, differentiate from competition with intelligent apps, and run on trust with the most secure and responsible AI platform. Gain a competitive edge with intelligent applications while ensuring trust through robust security measures. Leverage zero-trust principles to safeguard sensitive information, control access, and mitigate threats across Windows and integrated cloud services.

vCIO Panel
Presenters: TBA

Connectivity/Zero Trust
Presenter: Matt Cross, HBS

Presenter: Lenovo

Presenter: TBA

11:30 - 12:15 PM


Leverage Microsoft Copilot to Streamline Business Processes and Boost Your Productivity
Presenter: Drew Poggemann, HBS
In this session, we will walk through holistic end-to-end processes that emphasize embracing a customer-focused sales process, highlight how to leverage Field Service to optimize field operations and adopting Business Central to provide everything from financials to managing order to cash, purchase to pay and projects. We’ll walk through key functional capabilities while showcasing how your organization can streamline operations.

People are the Worst: Building, Selling, and Implementing Technology Projects
Presenters: Kelly Grosskreutz, HBS | Jordan Engbers, HBS
In this engaging breakout session, we’ll delve into the critical intersection of technology and people. Whether you’re an Executive Sponsor, Tech Lead, or Adoption Enthusiast, understanding how to navigate the human aspects of technology initiatives is essential for success. Join us as we explore strategies, best practices, and real-world examples to empower your teams and drive project outcomes.

Azure in an Hour
Presenter: Mark Ziesemer, HBS
With so many cloud solutions available and just as many factors to consider, making decisions to achieve your business goals can be overwhelming if you don’t have a knowledgeable partner to guide you.  In this session we will share key security architecture, disaster recovery, business productivity insights, cost management, and licensing features. We will cover options for “quick wins” that can help introduce your organization to Azure and provide immediate benefits.  You’ll leave with a better understanding of Microsoft cloud solutions that you can leverage to help your organization reach its full potential.

Presenter: Cisco

AI Powered Devices
Presenter: HPI

12:15 - 2:00 PM

Lunch & Vendor Showcase

2:00 - 2:45 PM


Presenter: Tom Ugoretz, HBS

Building a Data Culture
Presenters: HBS
In today’s data-driven world, building a data culture leveraging Microsoft tools is essential for any organization aiming to modernize its analytics and business intelligence capabilities. Microsoft’s suite of tools, including Excel, Power BI, and Microsoft Fabric empowers organizations to foster a culture of data by enhancing data conversations and decision-making processes. These tools provide a robust platform for data analysis, visualization, and collaboration, enabling businesses to gain insights and drive innovation. By integrating these applications, companies can create a cohesive environment that supports data-driven strategies and promotes a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Tips for Pros – Data Center, Network, Wireless
Presenter: Cody Jackson, HBS | Kristopher Buckingham, HBS | Pierce Lannue, HBS

AI Powered Networking & Cloud Based Solutions
Presenter: HPE Aruba

Presenter: TBA

3:00 - 4:00 PM

Moderator: Steve Heston, HBS

4:00 - 5:00 PM

Happy Hour, Networking, & Hotel Check-in

5:30 - 9:00 PM

Dinner & Reception

9:00 PM


Wednesday, October 16th
Cybersecurity Forum Agenda

8:00 - 9:15 AM

Registration, Breakfast, & Vendor Showcase

9:15 - 9:30 AM

Cybersecurity Forum Kick-off

9:30 - 10:15 AM

Frank Abagnale Headshot

KEYNOTE - Frank Abagnale
Renowned Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention Expert, Bestselling Author and Subject of Catch Me If You Can
Fraud Prevention Strategies — and the Background of a Career Protecting Others
In a fresh new format generating exceptional audience feedback, Frank Abagnale first covers the little-known strategies everyone should use to protect themselves against cybercrime, identity theft and scams. Abagnale continually updates these techniques to help audiences stay ahead of cybercriminals, and his expertise has been praised by the FBI, other law enforcement agencies, corporations, associations and individuals across the country and around the globe. Known for his early life portrayed in the hit movie Catch Me If You Can, Abagnale takes the last third of his speech to share the fascinating and unforgettable story of his past — and his lesser-known path from parole to working relentlessly for more than 45 years to protect others from fraud. Audiences leave genuinely inspired by Abagnale’s deeply personal stories about what truly changed his life. 

10:30 - 11:15 AM


Risk Likelihood and Impact
Presenter: Matthew McGill, HBS

Security with Various Microsoft Bundles
Presenters: Mike Gauthier, HBS | Lavanya Roy, HBS
Leveraging Microsoft licensing can be challenging. Let’s improving security by utilizing Microsoft Defender product suites that are included in common bundles. See some examples where HBS can help determine the best bundles and offer recommendations to maximize products while reducing overall cost. This presentation will outline common Microsoft bundles and their security components. Then walkthrough real world examples of situations detected by these products.

Understanding Threat Landscape
Presenter: Kyle Wacker, HBS

Presenter: John Stafford, HBS

11:30 - 12:00 PM


Maturing & Integrating CS
Presenter: Ben Hall, HBS

Microsoft Fabric & Purview – Better Together
Presenters: Josh Marek, HBS | Jared Kuehn, HBS
In this presentation, we’ll explore how Microsoft Fabric and Microsoft Purview synergize to fortify your data security. Microsoft Fabric serves as a robust data platform, streamlining the connection, integration, and management of data from various sources. It ensures the integrity and compliance of data, while facilitating analysis and insights. Complementing this, Microsoft Purview provides robust data governance, ensuring responsible data management aligned with policies and regulations. Together, they dismantle data silos, safeguard data assets, and establish a unified source of truth, bolstering both data security and business efficiency.


Blue Team Red Team
Presenter: Ron Hix, HBS

Cyber Insurance
Presenter: TBA

12:00 - 1:00 PM


1:00 - 1:45 PM


Build, Test, and Execute Your Incident
Presenter: Jeff Franklin, HBS

Cisco Splunk
Presenter: TBA

Security Operations
Presenter: Tim Ballard, HBS

Disaster Recovery Continuity & Business Impact Analysis
Presenter: Todd Heinz, HBS

2:00 - 2:30 PM

Closing Panel Discussion

2:30 PM

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