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Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs

Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs Web Design


The Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs (AWSC) is dedicated to the preservation of snowmobiling throughout the state by monitoring regulations and proposed legislation that could affect the sport.

AWSC needed the ability to organize snowmobile club users and information, collect club dues, interface with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for the purchase of trail passes, and interface with AWSC’s back-office club information system.

After reviewing the needs of AWSC, it was determined that AWSC had a great opportunity to modernize the site design and provide an excellent platform to integrate the two systems needed on the site. It was recommended to implement the site in the Kentico Content Management System. Kentico provides Content Management, built-in calendars, and an excellent integration portal that allows integration of the two systems AWSC required. 


The following were the primary drivers in their selection of Kentico for the AWSC site:
  • Improve performance and functionality
  • Automate and streamline processes to increase efficiency
  • Provide a user-friendly, responsive website to improve the user experience
  • Complete integrations with the WI DNR trail pass system and AWSC’s back-office system, Microsoft Access


The following development challenges were discovered when designing the AWSC site:
  • Integrating the AWSC back-office system. AWSC required integration with a proprietary Microsoft Access application with a Microsoft SQL server back end. This required the creation of an API structure to access and save this data.
  • Integrating with the DNR system for trail passes. AWSC required an integration with the DNR trail pass system to allow users to purchase snowmobile trail passes on the website.
  • Create a structure for clubs and club members. AWSC required a module that would allow them to create new snowmobile clubs as well as give the snowmobile clubs the ability to add their own users and collect club dues from those users on the website.


The solution was to leverage Kentico’s various tools to accomplish AWSC’s goals. A responsive website template was selected and implemented into Kentico. A custom set of pages was created to allow AWSC and their clubs to have separate club pages as well as manage members and club dues.

Kentico’s ease of being able to consume web services for display and data write operations was paramount to the success of the integrations required in this project. Heartland Business Systems were able to utilize a custom Web Part to allow the purchase and display of the trail pass options from the DNR. They were also able to consume a custom web services API they created to interface with the back-office system.

Kentico also gave AWSC the ability to leverage the built-in calendar module to display their numerous events to members.


AWSC’s members are now able to create club pages, collect dues and purchase DNR trail passes on their website. AWSC is also able to update the member information in their Microsoft Access back-office system and see the data populated on the website.

Key Criteria for Choosing Kentico

Key factors for selecting Kentico for this client were:
  • Fast setup of a responsive design website.
  • Ease of managing cases (through the My Desk modules)
  • Ability to automatically handle user creation, case creation, and permissions through Forums and User Permissions
  • Ability to leverage API integrations with web parts
  • Ease of use for AWSC’s staff and members

Heartland Business Systems

Heartland Business Systems is a division of Heartland Technology Group, a leading provider of technology consulting services, hardware, and hosting. HBS provides end-to-end support for Kentico implementations from business analysis and strategy to design, development, support, and hosting. Heartland technology Group has over 500 employees focused mainly in the Midwest. HBS’ website development methodology starts with a thorough needs analysis and implementation strategy designed to find a fully integrated solution for each client, including the capability to provide Kentico hosting.

As a Kentico Partner, HBS can leverage Kentico’s power and flexibility with HBS’ expert team of website and software developers to deliver on-time, on-budget, and on-the-mark results.


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