Microsoft Licensing Welcome

Thank you for choosing HBS as your Microsoft Licensing provider.


As a valued Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (“CSP”) licensing customer of HBS, we welcome you to take advantage of the HBS Microsoft Cloud Licensing Management Portal. This portal allows you to modify your existing Microsoft cloud subscription quantities any time of day.

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Invoice Overview

Your Microsoft CSP invoice will be delivered after the 7th of each month.

The invoice may contain:

Seat-based licensing with the current month’s quantity

  • Product SKU & Description
  • Names of assigned users (can be turned off)
  • Number of unassigned licenses (if applicable)
  • Prorated changes made in month prior (if applicable)
  • Serial Number, for internal use 

Azure consumption charges from the month prior

  • For additional details, please work with your HBS Solution Consultant to request access to Cost Management + Billing within portal.azure.com (Reserved Instances not included) or inquire about custom reporting.

An example invoice:

Invoice Example

Self-Service Portal

HBS Microsoft Cloud Licensing Management Portal allows you to modify your existing monthly Microsoft cloud subscription quantities any time of day.  It leverages your Azure Active Directory to prevent the need for additional username & password management.  Access to the Portal is defined by your organization by assigning users with any one of the following directory roles: Global Admin, Billing Admin, or License Admin permissions.

Microsoft Cloud Licensing Management Portal

Use the Product Listing tab to view all Microsoft CSP licenses that are managed by HBS. 

Portal Product Listing

Click Modify to increase the seat count for any given item**. Enter your adjusted seat count (i.e. Current Count is 1, and you need to and one more so the Adjusted Count is 2), and click Submit. Changes may take up to 15 minutes to be reflected in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

** Limited to monthly billing frequency subscriptions only

Portal - Modify Product

Use the History tab to view a log of all modifications made within the last 90 days.  

Product History

Break-Fix Support

HBS offers reactive, break/fix support services for Microsoft-caused issues for cloud products purchased through Microsoft CSP. These services are not designed to replace the ongoing consultation or support you may receive from a dedicated Engineer or Consultant.

This service is limited to three authorized contacts in your company. HBS will be in touch to identify who should be those individuals.

Engaging our team for support:

  1. Contact the HBS Microsoft CSP Help Desk via phone or email provided in your welcome email. Emails will automatically generate an HBS service ticket in which all communication will be documented.
  2. HBS Help Desk Engineer assess severity based on info provided in the initial email/call:
Priority Definition Response Time Resolution Time Escalation Time
 0/1 Urgent – Site down. Operation of a critical business system is stopped or severely restricted, stopping production or operations. No workaround is available. 
 1 hour  ASAP 
Best Effort
 2 hours
 2 High – Site at risk or performance severely degraded. Operation of a critical business system is stopped or severely restricted but does not stop production or operations. No workarounds or short-term workarounds are available, but restricted operations can continue.   4 hours  ASAP
Best Effort
 8 hours
 3 Medium – Performance impaired. Problems that impair the operation of the CUSTOMER’S existing system, yet most business operations remain function. This can be a minor problem with no major effect on business operations, or a major problem where an acceptable workaround exists.   8 hours  ASAP
Best Effort
 24 hours
 4  Low – General assistance. Business process can continue, one user affected. Information or assistance on product capabilities, installation, or configuration. There is minimal impact on business process  24 hours  ASAP
Best Effort
 72 hours

            3. Customer receives email update once ticket is assigned

            4. HBS Engineer collects basic info (issue overview, screenshots, etc) by phone, preferably, if number is provided.

            5. HBS Engineer provides initial troubleshooting and then determines escalation path:

Path 1: Troubleshoot internallyPath 2: HBS-Owned Escalation to MicrosoftPath 3: Customer-Owned Escalation to Microsoft
1. HBS Help Desk Engineer performs troubleshoot towards resolution independently through an HBS Field Engineer, or via an HBS Subject Matter Expert 1. HBS opens support ticket with Microsoft
2. HBS introduces customer to Microsoft engineer
3. HBS assist in the troubleshooting with Microsoft and the Customer

 1. HBS opens support ticket with Microsoft
2. HBS introduces customer to Microsoft engineer
3. The customer works directly with Microsoft to troubleshoot
4. An HBS resource stays on ticket for quality control and status updates

            6.  Upon resolution, if root cause is not Microsoft-caused, customer is subject to applicable hourly rates* for efforts. 

Microsoft Caused Examples Non-Microsoft Caused Examples



Update incompatibility
Security changes

Roadmap upgrades

Design engineering

Setup, customization, or configuration changes

Issues caused by customer misconfiguration

Incompatibility with 3rd party hardware or software

Implementation support

Admin portal training

User license creation

License quantity and adjustments 

*Exception: If customer elects to bypass troubleshooting with HBS’s skilled Engineers and prefers to troubleshoot themselves with Microsoft.

User Management

Continue to manage your user license assignments and permissions in the Microsoft 356 Admin center at portal.office.com
Here are some common user management tools:
Option 1:
  • Navigate to Billing > Licenses
  • Click a product name to view, export or add a user to that product
Option 2:
  • Navigate to Users > Active Users
  • View or Export Users

Free Annual Microsoft Licensing & Productivity Tools Review

To continue to maximize your investment, we recommend taking advantage of two different free consultations:

Microsoft Licensing Review:

  • 30-minute consultation with an HBS Microsoft Licensing Consultant.
  • Occurs 2-3 months prior to your renewal date.
  • Topics covered:
  • Review of current licensing, what is included and being used
    • Discuss applicable changes to products & licensing models
    • Discuss customer technology goals for the coming year
    • Outline options to migrate to more robust product(s)
  • License Assignment
    • Review assigned vs unassigned seats
    • Identify user vs shared mailbox opportunities
  • Next Steps
    • Review and clean-up of “Active User” list
    • Assessment of on-premise licensing
    • Deeper dive on Total Cost of Ownerships

Microsoft Productivity Tools Review:

  • 45-minute consultation with a HBS Microsoft Solution Architect.
  • Occurs within 8-12 months of licensing any new Microsoft 365 or Office 365 product.
  • Topics covered:
    • Now you own it!
      • Review all capabilities of your Microsoft cloud product(s)
    • Big impact with little investment
      • Discuss ‘rapid implementation’ offerings to quickly get the most of your licensing

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