Backup, Replication and Disaster Recovery

Improve resilience and data security, simplify backup and restore, and ensure the continuity of your data and systems.

Reliable backup and replication. Dependable data recovery. Expert support.

Your organization runs on data—you need to be certain it’s protected. With data backup, replication and disaster recovery solutions by HBS, you can be confident in the resilience of your infrastructure. We’ll work with you to develop a solution that’s simple to manage, reliable and ready to meet the unique needs of your organization.

HBS backup, replication and disaster recovery will help you:

  • Improve the resilience of your organization by keeping backups up to date and easy to access
  • Simplify how you protect your data, how you store it, and how you recover it when needed
  • Control infrastructure costs with options for streamlined and cloud-based replication, backup and restore

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Ready to streamline your infrastructure?

Control your infrastructure costs with our streamlined, cloud-based solutions. 

Reliable recovery. Dependable support.

With our reliable backup and replication solutions, ensure your data's continuity. 

Our Replication, Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Azure Backup and Site Recovery Solutions

Azure Backup provides secure, one-click backup in a simple and intuitive platform. Back up all structured and unstructured data, centralize monitoring and management, and scale up or down to exactly fit your storage needs.

Azure Site Recovery helps you stay up and running, even during major outages or when faced with cyber threats. You’ll have the certainty of continuous replication of virtual machines, and reduce your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) to just minutes.

Veeam Backup Solutions

Protect your on-premises virtualization environment with comprehensive data protection and disaster recovery powered by Veeam.

Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery

Reduce risk and ensure the continuity of your data and systems with managed backup and disaster recovery—managed and monitored by the team of experts at HBS. Learn more about Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery

Why HBS Backup, Replication and Disaster Recovery?

Experience Across Industries

Our team always begins by building relationships. We’ll get to know you, your organization and your goals. That’s how we make sure the guidance and recommendations we give are always aligned to your interests.

Tailored Solutions

Every solution we provide is based on understanding your organization and aligning the right services to fit your needs.

Comprehensive Services

As a provider of technology and cybersecurity solutions, along with comprehensive managed services, HBS brings you all the expertise you need to realize the potential of your technology, strengthen security and boost your team’s productivity.

Microsoft Infrastructure - Azure Certified: This badge underscores HBS’s commitment to providing resilient, Azure-powered backup, replication, and disaster recovery solutions. Trust in our certified expertise to ensure the continuity of your data and systems in any eventuality.

Our Backup, Replication and Disaster Recovery Partners

HBS is certified to implement and support Backup, Replication and Disaster Recovery solutions by: 

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