Cloud Security Solutions

Comprehensive solutions to safeguard your data in the cloud—delivered by a team of experts in technology and cybersecurity.

Proactive monitoring. Simple visibility. Actionable insight. 

As devices, data centers and business applications move to the cloud, you need to be certain that your cloud environment is secure and protected from cyber threats. At HBS, we’ll work with you to develop comprehensive cloud security policies. And we’ll provide end-user training to help you ensure compliance and a culture of good information security practices.

HBS Cloud Security solutions give you:

  • Fine-grained control over access to your cloud data, applications and network
  • Robust security features from Microsoft Azure, giving you the full benefit of Microsoft’s focus and investment in security as an industry leader
  • The peace of mind of knowing your cloud environment is protected, with comprehensive control and support from the HBS team of experts

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Secure your cloud. Secure your organization. 

Leverage our comprehensive cloud security solutions and safeguard your data. 

Microsoft Infrastructure - Azure Certified: This emblem underscores HBS’s adeptness in architecting secure, Azure-powered cloud environments. Count on our certified know-how to fortify your cloud data and uphold a resilient, compliant digital ecosystem.

Our Cloud Security Solutions

Microsoft Endpoint Protection / Microsoft Defender

Server protection safeguarding your external connections, including antivirus, email security, and protection for Microsoft 365 and other applications.

Access Management

Define roles and privileges, control permissions and access within your cloud environment, and implement tools like conditional access and multifactor authentication (MFA).

Cloud Network Security

Control the flow of information within your network using network security groups and advanced security features like DDoS protection.

Monitoring and Alerts

Comprehensive visibility into your system security. Gain insight into the health of your network and servers, real-time alerts and support to mitigate risks quickly. You can also take advantage of our fully managed network and server monitoring through Managed One. See our Managed Network and Server Monitoring

Microsoft Intune 

Microsoft’s cloud-based endpoint management solution. Manage user access, control data and apply updates on devices across your network, including mobile, desktop and virtual devices.

Why HBS Cloud Security Solutions?

Full Cybersecurity Team 

At HBS, we provide a complete team of cybersecurity professionals with extensive experience developing comprehensive cybersecurity programs across industries. We have the expertise to help you secure your cloud environment.

Specialized Security Resources

Our cybersecurity team brings a complete set of tools to ensure your cloud security—including risk assessments, penetration testing, and deep expertise in security best practices.

Customized Solutions

We always begin by building a thorough understanding of your organization and your business objectives. Then we tailor a cloud security solution to ensure the right fit for your needs.

Step into a secure cloud environment. 

Gain actionable insights, simple visibility, and proactive monitoring with HBS. Take the first step towards a secure cloud environment.

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