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Email Security Services

Detect, identify and respond to threats with comprehensive solutions for email security.

Comprehensive email security services. Delivered by a team of technology and cybersecurity experts.

As devices, data centers and business applications move to the cloud, you need to be certain that your cloud environment is secure and protected from cyber threats. At HBS, we’ll work with you to develop comprehensive cloud security policies. And we’ll provide end-user training to help you ensure compliance and a culture of good information security practices.

HBS Email Security solutions help you: 

  • Detect and identify threats, including spam, phishing attacks, business email compromise, and other threats to your users and environment
  • Respond quickly to threats with automated quarantine, email blocking and attachment scanning
  • Ensure compliance with privacy regulations, such as HIPAA, and protection of sensitive data to prevent leaks, losses or reputational damage

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Our Email Security Solutions

Microsoft Purview

A comprehensive set of data security solutions to help you govern, protect and manage your data across all of your systems. Consult with an Expert

Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Secure your email and protect your team from cyber threats with Microsoft’s advanced protection against phishing, ransomware and email compromise. Talk to Sales

Why HBS Email Security Services?

Cybersecurity Expertise

The HBS team of cybersecurity professionals brings you deep expertise in information security technologies and best practices. We understand the threat landscape and will work with you to strengthen your defenses across the board.

Quick Response and Remediation

When an incident does occur, it’s critical to respond quickly. Our cybersecurity team is highly experienced in effective incident response and will help you respond rapidly when threats arise.

Custom-Tailored Solutions

At HBS, we believe it’s critical to understand your organization before we make recommendations. That’s how we make sure the solutions we implement are in line with your vision and goals.

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