Governance and Compliance

Aligning information security policies and procedures with the best standards and regulations in the industry.

Expert guidance. Clear direction. Meaningful security policies.

Our team of security experts and engineers guide organizations with regulatory, compliance, technical, and general security advisory services. Partner with HBS to establish governance through the creation of policies and standards to ensure your organization:

  • Protects sensitive information and systems
  • Manages risk effectively
  • Reaches and maintains compliance

We meet with our clients to gain an understanding of their organizational culture, risk tolerance level, regulatory environment and industry pressures. This enables us to guide information security decisions utilizing a risk-based approach. From this vantage point we help select appropriate administrative, physical and technical controls that lower risk without impeding business operations. Talk to Sales

Is cybersecurity a top priority?
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Cybersecurity is a top priority for most organizations. Governance and compliance can play a major role in the development of a security program. 

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Develop. Implement. Maintain.

Our security experts and engineers help organizations with technical, compliance, regulatory, and general security consulting services. Protect yourself from cyber threats by proactively improving your cybersecurity posture.

Policy and Standard Development

Developing and implementing proper policies gives employees the knowledge they need to defend your organization from cyberattacks. Policies must be designed to support risk management objectives while keeping business operations running.

Basic education and guidance are very helpful. It is also important to know the difference between policies, standards, baselines and other documentation. We know how each documentation type relates to each other and can help draft the policies and procedures that suit your organization best. We work with you to create a strong documentation portfolio that matches your risk tolerance and meets any regulatory or audit requirement.

  • Information Security, Terms of Use, and Privacy
  • Information Technology Acceptable Use
  • User Account Administration
  • System Certification
  • System Configurations
  • Partner Inter-Connections
  • Software Installation
  • Daily Monitoring
  • User Access Levels Restrictions
  • Design Principles

Business Impact Analysis

A business impact analysis (BIA) is the process of assessing the importance of business activities and the resources they need to ensure operational resilience and continuity during and after a disruption. A BIA is part of Business Continuity planning and identifies key work processes and what they depend on. A BIA also helps to create a Disaster Recovery Plan, by setting Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives. Organizations that do a BIA can make faster and better decisions to deal with a disruption. This helps to lower the cost of downtime and prevent unacceptable losses in terms of money, reputation and trust.

HBS works with organizations to build business continuity and resilience skills and help them plan and implement continuity across all sectors. Each organization has its own culture and governance style. We use effective templates and methods and adapt them to the organization's culture, technical abilities, governance and resources. The result is a documented plan that will enable your organization to quickly and effectively manage a disruption without suffering unacceptable losses. Request a Quote

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Prepare your organization for incidents or disasters that could disrupt your normal business operations. Business continuity is the process of creating and implementing plans to respond to such events and ensure that your organization can continue to function or resume its activities in a short time frame.

Business resumption programs are essential for restoring your business after a disaster. Effective programs consist of policies, procedures and plans that will inform your every action. Disasters can create emotional stress, but business resumption programs allow you to make the decisions in advance, eliminating emotion from the process.

Some industries are subject to rules, regulatory requirements—FFIEC, NASD, SOX, GLBA, and HIPAA—and/or fiduciary responsibilities for proper business practices like FCPA by the U.S. government. Organizations that must follow these standards should pay close attention to their business resumption programs, as they may face penalties if they fail to comply.

We offer business resumption services to help your organization develop a business continuity program. We can also evaluate your current program as a whole, or each of the main areas separately, to ensure that your business objectives are being achieved. Request a Quote

Incident Response Planning

An incident response plan is a set of actions, steps and resources that organizations need to effectively deal with an incident. Cybersecurity incidents happen frequently. Creating a strong incident response framework, which includes response and remediation plans, training, communications and management guidance, will get your organization ready for any level of security incidents.

HBS helps businesses handle incidents with a structured approach. We lead our clients through every stage of the process. Decisions have to be made quickly: Who needs to be notified, which parties to involve, and what are the best practices for handling the situation? Even when an organization has an incident response plan ready, it is better to involve professionals who are skilled and prepared to make impartial security decisions. Request a Quote

Why Governance and Compliance by HBS?

We Know How to Handle Data

Our staff knows how to work with classified systems and the Risk Management Framework (RMF).

We Are Experienced

We have expertise in national intelligence and law enforcement, as well as a track record of working with national healthcare information systems, finance, banking, technology and SaaS providers, retail, entertainment, and manufacturing.

We Prepare You

HBS helps organizations evaluate their certification readiness and fix any detected gaps before the certification process starts.

A SOC 2® allows us to stay competitive. We’re a pretty small data marketing company but having the SOC 2® makes us more legitimate in the eyes of potential clients.

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