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Managed SaaS Security

Secure your Software as a Service (SaaS) applications with proactive cloud detection and response and expert management by HBS. 

Complete SaaS visibility. Real-time alerts. Expert management. 

For all the benefits of the SaaS applications you rely on, keeping tabs on all of them—and ensuring their security—is challenging. SaaS platforms have become a commonly exploited vulnerability for many organizations. With Managed SaaS Security by HBS, you’ll have both visibility and control over your SaaS applications, with sophisticated cloud detection and response for both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Our team will ensure that all application settings follow SaaS security best practices, while 24x7 monitoring and alerting allows for threat mitigation within minutes of detection. So you can focus on what matters most to your organization, confident that your data is secure and your end users are protected. 

Managed SaaS Security Includes:

  • Continuous Monitoring. Stay informed with proactive monitoring and a team of experts investigating any changes or unauthorized actions. 
  • Long-Term Log Retention. We go beyond the norm by preserving your log data for a full year, providing deeper insights for productivity analysis and incident response. 
  • Complete SaaS Visibility. Enhance your SaaS security posture management with complete visibility into your SaaS applications. Gain insights into unauthorized SaaS applications with Shadow IT reporting. 
  • Enhanced SaaS Security Posture Management. We'll assess your current licensing and offer ways to improve your security rating. 

Secure your SaaS applications today. 

Gain control and visibility with HBS Managed SaaS Security. 


Managed SaaS Security

Managed SaaS Security by HBS offers an all-encompassing solution, delivering real-time threat mitigation, extensive log retention, and unparalleled visibility into your SaaS applications.

Our Managed SaaS Security Services

Proactive Cloud Detection and Response

Threat actors commonly use email rules to hide their attacks. With a response time of less than two minutes, Managed SaaS Security is designed to spot threats quickly and automatically disable access, revoke tokens and secure accounts. 

Intelligent Alert Management

You’ll stay ahead of the curve with intelligent alert management. With your unique organizational needs in mind, our team will fine-tune alerts for immediate action—ensuring that only legitimate threats trigger your attention.

Simplified Reporting

On-demand, easy-to-read reports provide a clear view of your risk level. Your single-sign-on (SSO) usage is tracked across applications, safeguarding against unauthorized access. We make it simple to understand your SaaS application security landscape—and take action based on real data.

Fortify Your Office 365

With Fortify, you’re not just improving security—you’re setting a new standard. We’ll review your licensing to make sure you’re getting the best SaaS security out of your investment, potentially boosting your Microsoft Secure Score and supporting your insurance eligibility.

Why HBS Managed SaaS Security?

Proactive Alert Review

Your Managed SaaS Security team reviews security alerts before they reach you, aligning responses to your business needs and initiating incident response when necessary. 

Unbeatable Value

HBS maintains high-level relationships with technology providers so we can offer enhanced support and responsiveness, without increasing the price. 

Dedicated Expertise

HBS provides a dedicated team whose primary focus is managing your SaaS security. You can be confident that your applications are secure, backed by a team with deep expertise in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace environments. 

Stay ahead of threats. 

With our proactive cloud detection and intelligent alert management, you can stay ahead of the curve. 

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