Managed XDR

Intercept attacks at the earliest stages and constantly adapt to an ever-changing threat landscape.

Extended detection and response. 24x7 security operations.

Our Managed XDR service combines the security expertise of our U.S.-based SOC team with the leading technology of Microsoft Sentinel (SIEM) and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (EDR). The result is an integrated system that intercepts threats at the earliest stages and constantly adapts to an ever-changing threat landscape. We deliver and support Microsoft security technologies through our HBS Security Center with 24x7 world-class services and support.

HBS Managed XDR includes:

  • 24x7 Security Operations Center service and support 
  • Security information and event management
  • Endpoint detection and response
Our service protects your extended technology ecosystem including endpoints, cloud workloads, firewalls and network devices, servers, IoT, and email. And with machine learning, artificial intelligence and human fine-tuning, HBS’s Managed XDR service constantly adjusts to new threats and limits false positives.  Talk to Sales

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Our U.S.-based SOC onboards each client with a collection of custom workbooks then continues to tune the system for your unique environment.

Managed XDR Workbook

Customized Experience

HBS analysts design unique security playbooks based on each client's business and technology environment. These unique rulesets enable our analysts to properly identify and respond to security threats. Custom workbooks let you review how Managed XDR is protecting your environment at any time—and prove the service’s ROI.  Talk to Sales

Essential Security Knowledge

When something suspicious happens, our SOC analysts review the alerts and let clients know when they need to act. We deal with false positives so you don’t have to. Our team continually revises security playbooks to efficiently deliver meaningful alerts and automated responses. We deploy user behavior and analytics (UEBA) detection to end alert fatigue and detect sophisticated rogue activity that poses a legitimate threat to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of client information.   Talk to Sales

Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst working at a computer.
Image of a SOC Analyst with a headset talking to a customer over the phone.

24x7 Confidence

When a critical after-hours incident occurs, analysts review the situation and notify clients only if a response is immediately necessary. You won't have to get out of bed to handle a non-critical alert. Talk to Sales

Why Managed XDR by HBS?

We Use the Right Technology

A cloud-native SIEM (Microsoft Sentinel) and enterprise endpoint detection and response platform (Microsoft Defender for Endpoint) backed by decades of security experience and monitoring of billions of daily events.

We Have a Dedicated Team

Our SOC analysts work with you to understand your environment and tune the Managed XDR service to fit your needs.

We Deliver a Meaningful Return

We eliminate alert fatigue by reducing millions of monthly events to a handful of alerts that require your attention.
Managed XDR Diagram showing the data points being ingested into Microsoft Sentinel.

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