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Network Infrastructure

Reliable network infrastructure solutions—seamlessly connecting the users, devices and applications that drive your organization.

Network planning and design. Advanced security. Unparalleled support.

Your digital network is critical infrastructure—plain and simple, your organization couldn’t run without it. That’s why you need to be confident that your network is well designed, reliable, secure and simple to manage. At HBS, we provide advanced networking solutions—from network design and planning, to installation by our team of highly certified experts, to maintenance, updates and refreshes. Our team will partner with you to first understand your networking needs, then customize a solution that gives you the performance, cost efficiency and security to enable your organization’s success.

HBS network infrastructure solutions provide:

  • Seamless and reliable wired network connectivity with advanced security features
  • A networking solution that's easy to manage and built for simple scalability as your needs evolve
  • A team of experts, who will be there to guide you and your team through the process, every step of the way

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Optimize your network with HBS.

Streamline your IT operations with our tailored networking solutions. Experience seamless connectivity and advanced security with HBS.

Our Network Infrastructure Services

Network Design and Network Refresh

Our team will work with you to develop a network infrastructure design that provides top performance and seamless connectivity—whether it’s a new installation or modernizing your existing infrastructure with a network refresh.

LAN Solutions

Connect your users, devices, applications and data within a single location or campus.

WAN Solutions

Scale your traditional network to connect multiple locations and multiple clouds.

Data Center Networking

Interconnect your data center servers and applications across a single or multiple locations. The HBS team will design a robust data center networking solution that’s built for business continuity, with the redundancy and disaster recovery features you need to keep critical services connected and available.

Wireless Networking

Connect your environment with next-gen wireless solutions. Empower your organization with seamless connectivity, advanced security and authentication, and expert design, validation and support by the HBS team. See Wireless Networking Solutions

Cloud Networking

Connect your on-premises network infrastructure to the cloud over traditional networking and SD-WAN. Ensure reliable and secure connectivity between your network and cloud providers.

Network Access Control

Secure your network from unauthorized access. Gain visibility and set rules for who and which devices can connect to your network, and monitor network activity to ensure compliance with security policies.

Why HBS Networking Solutions?

Experienced Team

HBS brings you a team of highly skilled engineers with decades of experience in network infrastructure design and installation.

Tailored Solutions

We take a personal approach. We’ll get to know you and your organization’s needs, then put ourselves in your shoes to define the best path forward to meet your unique objectives.

High-Level Certifications

HBS is certified as an organization and as individuals at the highest tiers for leading networking technologies. We bring proven expertise and industry-leading support to every networking engagement.

Experience unparalleled support.

Get the support your organization deserves. Our expert team is ready to provide top-tier support for your network infrastructure. 

Our Networking Partners

HBS is certified to implement and support Networking Solutions by: 

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