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Protect your people and property with integrated life safety and physical security solutions—simplified into a single, easy-to-use platform.

Comprehensive physical security. Simple scalability. Expert design and support.

The safety and security of your physical space—and the people within it—are nonnegotiable. Yet covering all your bases can be complex. At HBS, our solution is simple. Our team will work with you to design a comprehensive security ecosystem—including video, building access control, detection, monitoring and communication—all connected on one easy-to-manage platform. So you can have confidence that your people and property are protected by a system that’s simple, effective and ready to scale with your organization.

Integrated security solutions and life safety systems by HBS give you:

  • The flexibility to adapt as your organization grows and your needs evolve—including options to move to an intuitive, cloud-based system
  • A unified platform that simplifies operation by integrating all aspects of your physical security system into a single pane of glass
  • Advanced AI analytics to improve your ability to identify, prevent and respond to security threats or incidents in real time

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With HBS, get comprehensive, scalable, and expertly designed security solutions. 

Secure your organization with confidence.

Protect your people and property with our integrated solutions. Learn more about HBS Security Solutions. 

Our Integrated Security Solutions

Video Surveillance

Keep an eye on your property and facilities with business video surveillance that’s reliable, easy to use, and simple to scale. Gain better insights and improve protection with powerful AI features and advanced analytics.

Building Access Control

Ensure a safer facility with cloud or on-premises access control. Deploy a scalable solution that simplifies secure access across facilities and integrates with video security.

Intercom Systems 

Integrated video and audio intercom systems to safeguard entrances and grant entry only to those you’ve verified.

Visitor Management System

Welcome visitors securely, with a connected visitor management system. Streamline check-in, keep visitor logs, and integrate visitor management seamlessly with your physical security ecosystem.

Environmental Sensors and Air Quality Monitoring

Ensure a safe, healthy and comfortable environment with active monitoring of indoor air quality and environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, particulates and noise levels. Receive real-time alerts of any issues that require action.

Intrusion Detection, Monitoring and Alarms

Get real-time detection and automated alerts for any unauthorized access or attempts to access designated areas. Improve visibility, deter threats and enhance your ability to respond.

HBS Secure with Verkada

Experience the simplicity of managed physical security. We’re modernizing security in partnership with Verkada—allowing you to bundle software, hardware, installation and support, all with one monthly fee. Learn more about HBS Secure with Verkada

Why HBS for Physical Security?

Comprehensive, Turnkey Physical Security Solutions

We take a holistic view of your organization to understand the full landscape of your security and life safety needs. Then we build a security solution that addresses them all—in a way that’s easy to scale and simple to manage from Day One.

Robust Integrated Security Ecosystem

We partner with leading providers of integrated and cloud-enabled security technology—so you can be sure you’re getting a physical security solution that fits your needs now and will grow with you in the future.

Experience Across Industries

HBS has provided complete physical security solutions for multiple industries—K-12 education, small business, global enterprises, government. We bring best practices learned from experience to every engagement.

The communication at the stations has been improved immensely with this system...We have been able to notice times and trends in crime/locations to help officers be where they need to be.

Our Security Solutions Partners

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