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Structured Cabling

Design and installation of structured cabling systems to optimize your digital infrastructure.

Streamlined structured cabling. Expert installation. Fully certified.

Cabling is the nervous system of your infrastructure. You rely on it every day to carry the data, voice, audio and video that drive your organization. At HBS, we provide a team of trained and BICSI certified engineers and technicians to build your system from the ground up or upgrade your current configuration. We’ll partner with you to fully understand your infrastructure. Then we’ll tailor a solution that brings you the speed and reliability you need—with unmatched structured cabling design and installation services.

Our cabling installation services provide:

  • Design of a structured cabling system that simplifies, streamlines, and adds flexibility to your infrastructure for future updates or expansion
  • High-quality installation of Cat 6/6A network cabling and fiber optic cabling to support your network infrastructure and security systems
  • A team with BICSI certification and decades of experience aligning cabling solutions to the needs of your organization

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Empower your IT Infrastructure. 

Leverage our expertise in structured cabling design and installation. Optimize your digital infrastructure with HBS. 

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Streamline your operations with our structured cabling solutions.

Our Cabling Services

Structured Cabling

Ensure efficiency and scalability with a streamlined structured cabling solution. Especially valuable for new builds or building expansions, our team will design a standardized cabling solution that’s organized, easy to maintain and simple to expand as your needs evolve.

Fiber Optic Cabling

Installation of multi-mode or single-mode fiber optic cabling. Compared to copper cabling, fiber optic cabling allows you to increase bandwidth within a smaller footprint, increase security, and improve reliability.

Network Rack Cabling and Cabinet Cleanup

Our team will reorganize and clean up patch cables, and install a wire management solution to simplify maintenance and troubleshooting, improve scalability, and enhance efficiency for your team.

Cabling Contractor Services

If you’re building or expanding, the best time to consider structured cabling is in the design and construction planning phase. The HBS team will work with you, your architect and contractors to integrate a structured cabling system into your plan from the beginning. And we’ll see it through from planning and design to installation, testing and certification.

Why HBS Cabling Solutions?

BICSI Certified Cabling Installers

Combined with decades of cabling experience, our team’s BICSI certification ensures that your cabling installation meets or exceeds the highest industry standards.

25-Year Warranty

We provide a 25-year warranty on all new cabling installations. So you can have the peace of mind that we’ve installed your cabling to the highest standards—and stand behind our work. 

Thorough Testing and Verification 

Our team always tests and certifies every new data and fiber optic cable run, so you can have the assurance that your cabling system is ready to meet the demands of your organization. 

Our Structured Cabling Partners

HBS is certified to implement Structured Cabling solutions by: 

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