Virtual CIO Services

Maintain, secure and improve your technology investments with a Virtual CIO (vCIO) from HBS.

vCIO: The bridge between IT and your business strategy.

Virtual CIO, fractional CIO, CIO as a Service.… No matter what you call it, HBS Virtual CIO services will help you fulfill one primary mission—connecting your organization’s strategic vision with the technology, tools and IT services that enable you to get there.

HBS vCIO services provide:

  • Assessment and analysis of your existing technology investments
  • A strategic roadmap to ensure future IT + business strategy alignment
  • The critical bridge between your business priorities and the IT strategy to support them

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Our vCIO Services

Environment Assessment

The first step of any vCIO engagement is a thorough assessment of your current technology environment. This proprietary assessment generates crucial data that feed directly into strategic planning and budgeting conversations. Talk to Sales

Budget Analysis

Your vCIO will analyze your current technology spending to determine how to get the most out of your investments—and ensure that your technology is working in lockstep with your business objectives. Talk to Sales

Process Evaluation

Your vCIO will evaluate your IT and service delivery processes to uncover any gaps and identify opportunities to add efficiency. Talk to Sales

IT Strategy Roadmap

In close collaboration with your team, your Virtual CIO will develop a 3–5-year IT strategy roadmap with clear recommendations, key milestones and steps for implementation. Talk to Sales

Why HBS vCIO Services?

Decades of Experience

HBS has a long and successful track record delivering vCIO services across industries.

Strategies Tailored to Your Unique Needs

First we get to understand your business. Then we create a program around it. And your Virtual CIO will champion the value of IT to your senior leadership team.

Full-Service Technology Partner

HBS offers what a typical CIO can’t—an extensive team of engineers, developers and analysts to support all of your technology initiatives.

Curious about the HBS difference? 

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