Vulnerability Scanning

Identifying weaknesses in your network with managed vulnerability scanning through a cloud-based, easy-to-use console.

Proactive security. Valuable insights.

HBS Managed Vulnerability Scanning is a cloud service that scans your systems and network for flaws and helps guide remediation. It works with any technology and comes with expert support.

Risk findings often include:

  • Misconfigured firewalls
  • Exploitable DNS configuration
  • Out-of-date and unpatched software
  • Unencrypted login credentials

Our platform enables the discovery and scanning of assets in a simple and easy-to-use system that is based on virtual appliances. You don't need to purchase or maintain any software. You only pay a monthly fee per device. An HBS Virtual Security Analyst (VSA) helps you with setting up, scheduling the scans, and keeping the service running smoothly. This way, you can see and fix your vulnerabilities—and prevent a cyber incident before it happens.

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Our Vulnerability Scanning Process

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Step 1: Define Vulnerability Scanning Scope

The first step of the vulnerability scanning process is setting the scope by specifying how many assets/devices will be scanned and targeted. Scans can be either authenticated or unauthenticated. Authenticated scans show how serious each vulnerability is from an insider perspective. Unauthenticated scans are an outsider view with no extra information about vulnerability severity. Each scan type has its benefits, and the one that suits your organization best will be determined in this step.

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Step 2: Perform Vulnerability Scan

Vulnerability scans are set to run regularly every month or quarter and they help find weaknesses in your infrastructure and web applications. HBS oversees the regular scans, and each organization can do extra scans whenever they want. This lets clients see their security health after they change or add something to their systems.

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Step 3: Deliver the Report

Vulnerability reports are detailed and complete, yet they are simple to understand and easy to read. There are a wide variety of stock reports available, everything from executive to highly technical. There is also the ability to create advanced reports utilizing structured database queries. After the scan is performed, reports are automatically generated and delivered to clients based on their reporting preferences.

The Benefits of Vulnerability Scanning by HBS


Vulnerability scanning identifies areas of weakness in your technology and the organizational risks that accompany them.


Armed with data and visibility, you can take meaningful steps to secure your data and network with a detailed mitigation plan that includes recommended actions.


Decrease the chances an attacker can breach your systems by effectively identifying and remediating vulnerabilities.

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