Office 365

Every organization needs affordable and professional IT tools. Microsoft Office 365 gives you and your employees access to popular productivity applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint anytime, from virtually anywhere. You can also take advantage of built-in enterprise-grade services such as high-definition video conferencing, business-class email, and portals for file sharing.

Unlike a traditional Microsoft Office installation, Office 365 allows you to:

Use your Office apps on most any device including PC, Mac, tablet, and smartphone. That’s because your license is connected to you rather than to a specific workstation.  

Choose to store your data locally and/or in the cloud, so you can increase data control, access, and sharing—and simplify regulatory compliance.  

Collaborate with coworkers and clients using services not available with standard Office licenses, whether you’re in the office or on the go. 

Establish a professional presence with built-in enterprise-class tools that make it easy to host HD  web conferences, create a website, and set up business-class email.

Stay focused on customers and growing your business because we manage the servers, software updates, and malware protection. 

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