Document and Check Scanners

Canon Scanners

A full range of Canon scanners and digital storage systems help businesses of every size and type store and retrieve millions of pages of archived documents every year. The information and image management industry looks to Canon for innovative solutions to help solve paper overload, and save companies the time and expense associated with warehousing mountains of documentation.

High Speed Scanners

  • Designed for high volumes up to 12,000+ pages per day
  • Scanning Speeds of 90 - 150+ pages per minute
  • High Capacity Paper Handling features including vacuum transport systems and multiple output trays are included on some models
  • Robust feed systems
  • Optional color and grayscale scanning


  • Designed for medium to high volume 4,000+ pages per day
  • Scanning Speeds of 90+ pages per minute
  • Robust feed systems
  • Optional color and grayscale scanning


  • Designed for low - medium volume of 1,000 + pages per day
  • Scanning Speeds of 40+ pages per minute
  • Optional flatbed and auto-feed capabilities
  • Easy to connect via standard SCSI or USB2 Interface

Multipurpose Network Scanners

For offices that need to efficiently handle many types of paperwork, these scanners let you share documents across your office network with ease. Scan to e-mail, to folders, to print, to portable USB drives, to searchable PDF-all with one product!

Check Scanners

  • Specially designed to handle checks for processing from 25 to 190 per minute
  • Read MICR data and imprint pre or post scan endorsement
  • Have a small footprint for convenience
  • Ideal for item and remittance processing
  • Easy to connect via SCSI or USB2 Interface
  • IQA (Image Quality Assurance) support

Microfilm Scanners

e-Image Data’s ScanPro product line is the micrographic equipment of choice in the world’s most prestigious libraries and corporations. Its cutting-edge software offers a wide variety of viewing and editing functions while remaining easy to use. The ScanPro uses the latest digital technologies to provide powerful features not found in any other microfilm equipment. These features make the ScanPro microfilm scanner so easy-to-use, fast-to-operate, and versatile that leading research and academic universities are integrating it into their operations to make the most of their microforms investment. Complete a high resolution scan at any magnification in ONE second with just “a single click” making it possible to complete your look-ups and research quickly and efficiently.


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