Network Monitoring

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Heartland Business Systems (HBS) provides both the proactive services to optimize efficiencies of equipment, as well as a response team to solve user issues.

Heartland’s Network Operation Center keeps a close eye on your mission critical equipment. We are available 24 x 7 to make sure your equipment is performing at the utmost service levels.

Remote Support Agent
With the HBS Help Desk remote support agent, our support team has complete visibility to the health of your equipment. HBS can monitor remotely for issues, push software, and script resolutions when persistent problems arise.

Configuration Backup
With frequent changes to network configurations, keeping accurate change records is critical. With Advanced Network Monitoring from HBS, our tools will automatically backup and store configuration backups for major manufacturer equipment from vendors like Cisco, HPE, Palo Alto and more.

Configuration Management
Backing up configurations is important but understanding previous changes is just as important. Our advanced network monitoring tool allows us to store historical configuration changes and provides the ability to compare changes over time in an easy highlighted side-by-side comparison.

Server Monitoring
Our server monitoring software gives you an in depth view of your environment. Not only can you monitor traditional things like CPU, Storage, and RAM, but you can see complete inventories of hardware and software as well as monitor processes and services. Should something have consistent issues we can implement scripts to automatically remedy the issue with the monitored problem arises.

Web Portal
With our monitoring, we provide our clients with a portal to see the health of their environment. Such tools can provide a comprehensive dashboard view of your entire environment as well as details on specific equipment.

Network Mapping
Our Advanced monitoring tools allow a dynamic network topology map of your entire environment. See your entire network from a single pane of glass, and click on a device to drill down into that device for further details. See where certain networks exits and show the flow of VLAN traffic across devices. Want to make changes? Just click configure and remote into the device of your choosing.

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Our belief is that every organization regardless of size deserves access to the same level of resources, innovation and technological expertise. For over 20 years, HBS has been supporting companies, schools, hospitals and government agencies of all sizes with all levels of need for technology improvements. Interested in learning more? Connect with HBS.


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