Microsoft Dynamics GP Update 

May 23, 2023

HBS believes in Dynamics GP and the value and reliability it brings to many of our customers. Read on for current updates on Microsoft Dynamics GP and how HBS will continue to support the platform. 

The ERP Team at Heartland Business Systems (“HBS”) continues to support the Microsoft Dynamics GP platform as well as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.   Microsoft recently announced that Dynamics GP will continue with their support life cycle releases through 2028 and beyond.  Microsoft did announce that Dynamics GP would not be available to any new customers starting in April 2026.  If you are an existing customer of Dynamics GP, you will be able to purchase new licenses and modules after April 1, 2026.  Microsoft knows that Dynamics GP has a loyal community and is fully committed to supporting existing customers and partners. 

HBS believes in Dynamics GP and the value and reliability it brings to many of our customers. It is a tried-and-true full ERP solution for a multitude of customer environments. In addition, HBS is also committed to providing customers with a safe and robust cloud ERP solution.  We have a dedicated team with certified consultants who can assist with your Business Central ERP Solution.  Business Central offers a lot of the same ERP function as Dynamics GP but is Software as a Service (SaaS) versus perpetual licensing and only cloud based on Azure. Two of the highlights of Business Central are the ability to conduct business anywhere because of the Azure platform and deeper integration with other Microsoft programs such as Office and the Power Platform. 

Our team at HBS continues to grow to support our practice and changing customer profiles. The ERP Team’s top priority is to provide world-class service and support to all our clients.  Whichever ERP solution is the best fit for your environment, know that HBS is here to support you. Our ERP Team has a breadth of knowledge and expertise across both Microsoft Dynamics platforms and supports everything from accounting, workflow, inventory, manufacturing, reporting/BI, process improvement, and so much more. If you would like assistance with reviewing your current system and processes, and to maximize your investments, our ERP Team at HBS is here to help! 


Aleiha Hanson
About the Author

Aleiha Hanson
ERP Consultant II

Aleiha has 10+ years in manufacturing and systems support. She holds a Green and Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma. Services provided by Aleiha include application training and support, implementation, process improvement, and lean initiatives. She is an award-winning contributor in the GPUG Community and holds various Microsoft Dynamics GP and Business Central Certifications.


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