Microsoft Dynamics GP 18.6 Update: Why Upgrading Is Essential

Microsoft Dynamics GP 18.6

Microsoft Dynamics GP remains a reliable and valuable ERP solution for many organizations. However, too many users fail to keep up to date with the latest versions and end-of-year service packs, exposing their business to security vulnerabilities, compatibility issues, and a lack of essential features.

As a trusted Dynamics GP partner, HBS is a staunch supporter of the platform and encourages every customer to upgrade to the latest version—Dynamics GP 18.6 and its accompanying Year-End Service Pack (18.6.1695).

Dynamics GP 18.6 Update: What You Need to Know

Microsoft Dynamics GP is committed to continuous improvement, aiming to better support its GP customers with each update. The most recent release, Dynamics GP 18.6 exemplifies this commitment. These updates are designed to enhance the GP experience, offering new features, bug fixes, and compatibility improvements with the latest Microsoft Suite and Operating System (OS) updates.

So what’s new in Dynamics GP 18.6?

  • Enhanced User Experience: Enjoy a refreshed interface with modern design elements for improved usability.
  • New Features: Discover functionalities like workflow automation, improved security measures, and expanded reporting capabilities.
  • Streamlined Year-End Processes: Benefit from updated 1099 forms printing with line support and efficient year-end closing tools.

The Risk of Running Unsupported Versions

It's important to note that support for Microsoft Dynamics GP end of life versions 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2018 is non-existent. Running an unsupported version poses significant risks, as Microsoft Support will not assist with any issues that may arise. This means no security patches, bug fixes, or technical assistance if you encounter problems. Running outdated software exposes you to significant security risks and hinders your ability to address critical issues.

Why Upgrading Is Important

Upgrading Dynamics GP versions and installing Dynamics GP service packs are highly recommended for several reasons.

  1. These updates ensure that Dynamics GP remains compatible with the latest Microsoft Suite and OS updates, minimizing the risk of bugs and integration issues.
  2. The Year-End Service Pack addresses specific bugs and issues that have been identified, further stabilizing your Dynamics GP environment.
  3. Upgrading allows you to make the most of your Yearly Enhancement fee paid to Microsoft. This fee grants you access to these critical updates, and by staying current, you ensure that you're getting the maximum value from your investment in the Dynamics GP platform.

Routine updates are far more manageable than infrequent, major upgrades, which can be time-consuming and complex. By keeping your Dynamics GP system up-to-date, you ensure smoother operations, enhanced security, and improved compatibility with other Microsoft products and services.

How HBS Can Help

Understanding the importance of updating your Dynamics GP system is just the first step. The experienced ERP Team at HBS is here to help guide and support you through the upgrade process.

Whether you're looking to update to Dynamics GP 18.6, install the Year-End Service Pack, or simply discuss the best upgrade path, HBS is ready to assist. Contact us today and together we can explore the best possible solution for your organization.

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