Integrations Fail With "Released by" Dates in Dynamics GP

September 20, 2018

In doing a PO line “current promised date” integration project for a client, I ran into a sporadic problem.  Sometimes in my testing one or more lines would fail with a “release date cannot be after the required date” error.

Since we were using eOne Solutions SmartConnect, eConnect was involved.  Turns out that the authors of that eConnect code decided that whenever you import information to update the promised date on the PO lines table (POP10110), eConnect should take it upon itself to update the “Release by” date.  Specifically, if the release date was prior to today (even if it was blank), it is updated with today’s date.
Since this client doesn’t use or care about the “released by” dates (they leave them all blank), this would seem to be an innocuous problem.  BUT the eConnect logic also enforces the rule that the “released by” date, if not blank, must be before the “required by” date.  So for any past due line (where the “required by” date is before today), the first time we integrated a schedule change eConnect automatically populated the line with a “release by” date of today.  The second time we integrated a schedule change for that line, we encountered the error (even though we hadn’t tried to integrate either of those dates).
The solution appears to be to blank out the “released by” date as the first step of the SmartConnect integration.  This will work fine for my client but would be a problem for anyone that utilizes “released by” date.  The good news is that since eConnect will replace a “released by” date prior to “today” with today’s date regardless, that script can simply be written to only blank out “released by” dates that are less than today’s date.
Al Schuette
About the Author

Al Schuette
Senior ERP Consultant

Al brings his experience as a computer programmer, information technology manager, business consultant, and entrepreneur/business owner to his clients. He has been active in the manufacturing sector throughout his career and holds an APICS certification in integrated resources management.  He has worked extensively with a variety of wholesale distributors and enjoys helping clients implement improvements in their supply chain and inventory management.  Al has extensive expertise in assisting organizations that currently are, or wish to, utilize job Project Accounting within Microsoft Dynamics GP.


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