HBS and the Future of Microsoft Dynamics GP

October 08, 2020

Heartland’s ERP consulting team provides services enabling clients to achieve their business goals, improve efficiency and enjoy a return on investment. Our experienced, credentialed business consultants specialize in the implementation and optimization of Microsoft Dynamics GP as a critical part of an organization’s financial and operational management systems.  
We proudly provide services to many Dynamics GP clients spanning product support to business-specific finance/accounting, payroll, inventory, and manufacturing consultation.  Our business consultants know Dynamics GP, have industry-specific knowledge and will take the time to understand your business and how Dynamics GP can best help you achieve your goals.  This collaborative approach results in long-term, advisory relationships valued by both Heartland and our clients. 
Microsoft has been actively enhancing Dynamics GP software and has published a roadmap through 2024 and beyond. New versions of Dynamics GP with new features will be released every year in October. The latest release (October 2019/18.2) had over 40 new features and modifications.  Microsoft’s roadmap for Dynamics GP, and plan for future releases, show that Dynamics GP is not only here to stay but that we can also look forward to exciting improvements and updates for years to come. 

Reasons why Dynamics GP has the largest install base of any Microsoft ERP solution:  

  1. Microsoft Dynamics GP is a mature product with functionality businesses require. For many business needs, the native functionality in Dynamics GP provides a stable, robust and low maintenance toolset that allows businesses to focus on solving their process challenges. 
  2. Additionally, the Dynamics GP community has strong, tightly integrated third party apps that can cost effectively extend GP’s capabilities.
  3. With Dynamics GP, you control your system upgrades.  This allows you to guarantee the preparedness of your employees, partners, and ISVs for an upgrade. Your organization will also not be interrupted by an unscheduled upgrade that affects productivity or creates downtime. 
  4. The numerous benefits of Dynamics GP, combined with Microsoft’s enhancements and roadmap that shows that Dynamics GP will continue to develop and evolve, reinforces that it is the toolset that is best suited for many businesses.

Heartland is committed to evaluate and recommend cloud-based or on-premises solutions based on the needs of our clients. We always have, and will continue to work with our clients to ensure they are using the product that provides them with the most value.  Our consultants have a well-earned reputation as trusted partners to our clients and we proudly look forward to continuing that relationship.

Peter Helander
About the Author

Peter Helander

Peter Helander is the CEO of Heartland Business Systems, LLC. Peter has over 20 years of experience in the IT services industry, providing various organizations and industries with the tools and solutions they need to increase profit and productivity.


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