Hybrid Cloud

Combine public cloud and on-premises infrastructure in a single hybrid cloud architecture. Achieve greater flexibility, cost efficiency and scalability.

Secure and scalable hybrid cloud architecture. Design, implementation and support by a team of experts.

Combine your on-premises infrastructure with public cloud to maximize the benefits of both. Gain the simple scalability and flexibility of public cloud. Keep your most sensitive data in-house. Keep everything secure across both environments and manage it all as a single IT architecture. HBS hybrid cloud solutions provide proactive management of all your organization’s cloud data with seamless transitions between cloud platforms and complete coverage of servers, networks and security.

HBS hybrid cloud solutions provide:

  • Scalability. Align your computing resources with your needs. No need to tie up capital and guess at your resource requirements. Scale as needed without limiting your long-term strategy.
  • Flexibility. Choose which hosting option best fits your current need instead of limiting yourself to a one-size-fits-all model with long-term investments and staffing requirements.
  • Reliability. Experience less disruption, fewer performance issues and minimal downtime.

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Ready to experience the power of hybrid?

Optimize your IT operations with our secure and scalable hybrid cloud solutions. 

Optimize your IT with HBS Hybrid Cloud. 

With HBS Hybrid Cloud, strike a balance between on-premises control and public cloud flexibility. Let us guide you through the complexities of the hybrid cloud environment.

Our Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Azure Stack HCI

A virtualization data center solution, harnessing the power of Azure to run and control your on-premises environment. Realize cost efficiency and flexible options for licensing—so you can optimize your footprint to exactly what you need. Talk to Sales

Entra ID (Azure AD) Connect

A hybrid identity platform that connects your on-premises environment to the cloud for user access and login. Allow your team to use the same identity, username and password across services. 

Entra ID (Azure AD) Password Protection

Ensure hybrid cloud security, leveraging Azure to check passwords on premises, verify password strength and guard against compromised passwords, including protection from password spraying or password stuffing. 

Entra ID (Azure AD) Application Proxy

A VPN alternative that allows for secure remote access to your on-premises, web-based applications.

Power BI On-Premises Data Gateway

Get the most out of your data analysis by allowing Power BI reporting and data analytics to include on-premises data sources.

Why HBS Hybrid Cloud Solutions?

Consultative Approach

Our team always begins by building relationships. We’ll get to know you, your organization and your goals. That’s how we make sure the guidance and recommendations we give are always aligned to your interests.

Customized Solutions

We won’t just sell you an off-the-shelf solution. We’ll work with you to fully understand your organization’s needs and objectives, then customize a solution that’s specifically designed to support your strategy.

Expert Support

HBS provides a full complement of engineers and technicians who have implemented countless technology solutions across industries. And we’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

Microsoft Infrastructure - Azure Certified: This badge highlights HBS’s Azure expertise in delivering effective hybrid cloud solutions. Choose HBS for a seamless integration of public cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

Our Hybrid Cloud Partners

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