Shaping the Future of Networking with HBS & Arista

Shaping the Future of Networking Webinar

Date: Thursday, September 21, 2023

In today's dynamic landscape, traditional core architectures have given way to cutting-edge leaf spine designs, revolutionizing how networks operate.

Amidst this evolution, network administrators encounter challenges like flawed software, inexperienced support, and vendor lock-ins, all impeding network visibility. To overcome these hurdles, organizations demand modern solutions that prioritize bug-free software, seasoned support, open standards, and real-time network insights.

To meet this demand, HBS has partnered with Arista Networks, a trailblazer in leaf spine architecture. Arista Networks' innovative cloud operating system EOS takes center stage in this transformation, offering real-time network state-based telemetry and monitoring while adhering to open standards. Their technological prowess and unwavering commitment to user satisfaction have propelled their net promoter score to the top, cementing their role in shaping the future of networking.

This transformation introduces bug-free software, expert support, and open standards, exemplified through the collaboration of HBS and Arista. The networking landscape has shifted, showcasing the power of innovation in redefining network management. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the network revolution!

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Carly Westpfahl